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Want to change planets

cidvicious's Avatar

12.25.2016 , 09:03 PM | #1
I'm currently on Drummond Kaas and I cannot stand the constant idiotic general chat. If I purchase one on Tat and move all my decorations to it will the one on Kaas go away? Or will I always be prompted to what string hold I'm porting too?

Mubrak's Avatar

12.26.2016 , 09:37 AM | #2
There's a little X in the corner that allows you to abandon the stronghold, all decorations will be removed from the SH and made available again. If you want the SH back later, you need to pay the original price to get access again, but you don't need to pay again for any rooms you've unlocked. If you unlocked the SH with cartel coins you can re-open it for free.

This also applies if you use a character transfer to move your legacy to another server: All unlocks will already be available, and to get access to the SH you either need to pay the unlock price in credits, or nothing at all if you paid cartel coins on the origin server.
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cidvicious's Avatar

12.27.2016 , 03:41 PM | #3
Thanks worked like a charm!