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The Under Droids.

xevildude's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 07:51 PM | #1
Title: The Under Droids.

Setting: Two maintenance droids slacking off in a corridor.

Droid_1: I'm telling you I'm sick of cleaning up after Sith Lords. -

Droid_2: I know, I know I'd rather spend two weeks stuck under a speeder with leaking coolant than to hear one of them say THE DARK SIDE again.-

Droid_1: Yeah they cant help themselves. Hold up its Darth I mean.... Beep Boop Bap.-

Unknown Darth Lord: Out of my way droid I or I will show you THE DARK SIDE.-

Setting: One minute later.

Droid_2: I'm not looking is he gone?-

Droid_1: Yeah hes walking away.-

Droid_2: THE DARK SIDE is where he can go stick his light saber and F*** himself.-

Droid_1: We were all processing it. No one used their voice synthesizer to put it out there.-

Unknown Darth Lord: What was that!?-

Droid_2: Beep Boop Bap?-

Droid_1: It's every under droid for itself. Run fool!

So that was the comic relief here is the real question.
I didn't see any server specific forums are there server specific Threads?