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Directive 7 bugged to hell

Yakito's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 07:35 PM | #1
I have a feeling I am still playing Beta here.

the Interrogator creates endless waves of mobs even after he dies, yesterday we had 20 of them standing still. Today the same happened.

Mentor was unkillable today, because the shield didn't drop when we destroyed all the generators. Second wile was because when we engaged the fight we were spammed by Mentors abilities, all at once. Rockets, the stupid thing that follows you, green beams and the big turrets.

So after 6 wipes we, yet again, destroyed all generators only to find out that the fight freezes and the shield doesn't go down, yet the Red "following-thingy" appears and follows the players.

Once again, I am not a beta tester, so please... people are reaching level 50 and they will be a lot more frustrated than I am. Fix the damn Flashpoints. It's not the only one that's bugged to hell obviously.