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How do you make friends in SWTOR?

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How do you make friends in SWTOR?

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12.29.2011 , 06:15 PM | #11
cantina. it's space mexican for bar.
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12.29.2011 , 06:29 PM | #12
Since actual advice on this thread is in short supply...

Honestly, making friends in game is very similar to how you make friends in the real world. You have to put yourself out there. If you go around doing the things that you like to do, in areas that are populated with people that are similarly interested as you, you're going to be in luck. However, if the things that you like to do are not the types of things that huge congregating populations of people are doing, you're going to struggle to meet even acquaintances.

Lets take a case in point. You mentioned that you feel that the people you +add after a Flashpoint are not what you count as friends. Why not? My question isn't to suggest that you should change your stance but rather for you to look at the situation a bit differently. Why did you add them? Was it because they seemed capable and you might ask them for aid with further Flashpoints? Was it because they said something funny, you liked it, and resigned to talk to them later but never did? Was it just "doing what you do after a successful run"?

See my point here is that you can't really have a huge list of friends unless you are willing and brave enough to be the innitiator. It's not stalking to send a tell to someone like:

"Hey, Beardedbiker, I know I said your name was a bit silly on an RP server but I think we had a lot of fun in that Flashpoint the other day. Perhaps you'd like to hit another one with me sometime today"?

Appeal to what others in the game like to do that are of similar interest to you.

Another thing (the thing I actually do myself) is to look online via Google search and find Guilds that have similar interests and goals. Do you like RP? Google "SWTOR RP guilds Fan Fiction". You'd be surprised at the quality of guilds out there. Googling RP guilds works well too, but the Fan Fiction addition will provide you with a better insight into the quality and aims of that Guild's RP.

Perhaps conversely you have some social expectation. I once saw a SWTOR guild that had 500 people in it and was a "Christian Guild". Personally that seemed a bit strange to me but I looked at their website and they were surprisingly organized. What it proved to me is that communities will form where there are individuals coming together for common interests.

TL;DR version:

Find what you want. Look for others that want the same. Get out of your shell and meet people. People actually like people that like to talk about their interests It's not as scary as you think.
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