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Ideas For PvP Servers

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Ideas For PvP Servers

nickfole's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 05:27 PM | #1
Don't know if there are any older mmo players out there that used to play before all this faction stuff kicked off. I used to play Lineage 2 which was one of the best pvp games out, unfortunatly it is now dated and made by Korean's. (Korean game = grindfest).

One of the things i feel that made L2 a good pvp game was the fact you could fight anyone, guilds could declare war on other guilds, which forced people to group up more to face the environment as well as the threat of parties of enemy players. Some of my best fights have been in an attemt to do a raid boss which an enemy guild also wanted to do as well as give us a good beating.

I just feel that on a PvP server contested zones should be free to fight any players regardless of faction, also would be cool if guilds could declare war on other guilds and get commendations for killing war taged players.

Now i know there will be people that say, ''why would jedi fight other jedi'' and what not, but im not a role player, and i dont think RP servers or anything should be touched j just PvP servers. I play for the pvp and nothing beats to strong guilds facing off in the world. It just makes me sad because i feel that mass pvp is dying, bad blood between war deced guilds is gone. Bring back real pvp.