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5.0 crafting

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11.05.2016 , 09:14 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by dirose View Post
My biggest concern was whether or not my materials I've been collecting are going to be any good or not. Hope this helps and answers your question.
Probably not.

The only way they will be is if they offer a converter vendor like they did when 4.1 came out (KOTFE launch did not have a crew skills increase, but the first major patch after KOTFE - 4.1 - did have it. And with that crew skills increase they offered a vendor that would take grade 8 materials and give you grade 9. I am not sure they will do this again. although I sincerely hope I am wrong. IMO they did it only because the crew skills increase was offset from the expansion launch, people were stocking up on grade 8 materials that would no longer be useful though they thought they would be. We will probably not see a repeat of that release schedule and therefore the converter should not be necessary.

That being said, those materials you have are not wasted because they can always be used for conquest crafting
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11.10.2016 , 06:49 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Kazz_Devlin View Post
Still no crafting in this game come 5.0 not sure why peeps insist on calling it crafting. You don't create unique items with better stats. You can't even make unique, appearance changes to items that look cool and seeing that most of the gear in this game are god awful and ugly, at least if that was available that would create a demand for people to buy your product. No instead you replicate stock crap that every other player can duplicate THIS IS NOT CRAFTING. It was put in the game as an advertising/marketing gimmick to entice people from other MMO's and much like the space sim they are apathetic and frankly not worth the time. Back in the day when i played galaxies I could veg out and play for hours just crafting stuff that other people wanted until that changes this replication system is a joke ( Really guys Tie vs Xwing a 20+ year old space sim 1000 times more fun to play and that had joystick support to boot!)
I have to agree with Kazz! It is rather disappointing.

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11.10.2016 , 06:54 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Kazz_Devlin View Post
Well i have to disagree a bit because there were people that excelled at crafting on our server back in the day mainly because he chose to invest in mining top ingredients he spent the capital he got in best crafting tools which yielded highest stats on gear for armor so if you pvp'd you wanted the very best for that ever so slight edge and were willing to pay for it. That alone created huge demand for his product. Yes, you are also correct in that you had to devote your profession into crafting but seeing as back in the day we had 2 or 3 alts anyways not a big deal. Since the devs don't want the players being able to improve upon stats the only aspect players could improve upon is appearance i.e. allow player base to alter or changes appearance of armor, weapons , furniture could very well lead to A.) Some armor and weapons that are not god awfully butt ugly and hideous looking. B.) natural competition which would encourage even more unique and innovative items. How you'd implement it haven't given that much thought however, my original point still stands and by your own admission a sandbox MMO can support it and a theme park cannot. Thus SWTOR cannot by it's very nature have a true crafting system only a replication system in which every player produces cookie cutter items that don't distinguish themselves in anyway other than the fact that one is chooses to place theirs on the GTN cheaper than the others on the GTN. It was a Gimmick, it is a gimmick designed to entice those that played sandbox MMO's.

Well said Kazz. If only this could be incorporated as it was on the "other" MMO from days past.

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11.14.2016 , 04:04 AM | #24
with 4.0 we had the special situation, that mk-10 was changed into mk-8.
that is why we had a time limited vendor.

i don't think that bw wants us to build the best gear within a few days,
and so there won't be a vendor, just new collectable items.

and they said, that you still can use them for the 4.0 schematics.
that's why i sold all my darkmatters and isos for a good price. now
they all realize that they don't have any worth anymore and sell it
very cheap.

just the conquest-matrix i will keep.
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