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resetting cool downs

Zombull's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 04:07 PM | #1
I understand the need for some long cool downs. Some abilities need them. You want those abilities to be saved for the appropriate time in the fight. This encourages strategy and planning.

However, some abilities cool downs are so long that they bleed over from one fight to the next. When you're in doing heroic missions or running flashpoints or ops, long cool downs cause pointless delays.

"Don't pull yet, guys. I've got 45 seconds left on my cool down."

My suggestion is for the out-of-combat recovery mechanism (Introspection, Recuperation, etc) to reset all cool downs if allowed to channel for its full 15 second duration. That would shorten the delay between pulls when doing PvE and having to sit still and channel for 15 seconds would likely keep the cool down reset from becoming much of an issue in PvE. If the latter is not true, then you could certainly take other measures to prevent the reset from functioning in PvP situations.