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12.29.2011 , 03:26 PM | #1
Although the value of lock boxes has been lowered you can still make a profit off of them. obviously it wont be as drastic as it was before the nerf but you can still make a decent amount of extra cash to train your class skills and such, this is how. DONT RUN Abundant, rich, or bountiful missions. whenever i run these missions i will only sometimes break even or make back a larger profit most of the time i will lose money. However while running ONLY Moderate level lock box missions i have continued to make a profit. i ran probably over 100 moderate missions last night and only once did i lose credits at it was only about 200 creds with a companion who has no affection for me. while running C4 lock boxes with khem who has about 3500 affection i have sometimes doubled my return spending 600 to run the mission and gaining 1200 in return these missions take about 15 min so like i said before you wont be making money as fast or in as large amounts but you will still be making money. also if you are only concerned with making money i suggest running the C2 and 3 moderate mission they only take a few minutes and you can make around 200-300 cred profit per mission. I have also seen a slight increase in the rate at which i receive Crew Skill Mission drops which i sell on the GTN for a good chunk of cash. Stick with it Slicers its still not a bad Skill to have just not as Glamorous as it was before.
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