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Imperial Black-Blue gas canister bugged?

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Imperial Black-Blue gas canister bugged?

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10.14.2016 , 11:33 AM | #1
There's a cartel bazaar reputation vendor that sells an Imperial Black-Blue gas canister, for 1 CM Cert + creds. I bought it, but when I tried clicking it in my inventory to unlock it, it says that it's already unlocked on my character. However, I clearly do not have that color available in my cosmetic options (nor do I remember ever buying it). I had the Black-Light Blue unlocked, but that's clearly a different color. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know of a fix?

Update: credit to customer support, but they took care of my issue within 24 hours. They thought it was strange too, and didn't know the cause, but they took care of it.
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