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Missing Codex's

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12.29.2011 , 03:08 PM | #1
There are several Codex entries that Will Not show up, either it is because of a bug or because Bioware removed the codex without adjusting the Planet Completion Codex numbers. Until Bioware either Revamps the Codex Entries to Reflex Each person's Class, Or until they Open up All Quest regardless of starting Planet(minus of course the Class Specific or Faction Specific) It appears that No One will be able to get 100% on any Planet Codex's.

Here is an Example of what I mean. I am playing a Sith Warrior who starts on Korriban.

Korriban states There are 3 Species I only have 2. Cannot get Dashade because I am not a Sith Counselor who gets Khem Val. (I even helped a Jedi Counsler Get theirs and Still no Codex). And Cannot get Imperial Scholar because the title appears to be removed from game though the codex states there should be one more to find. Also, Though I have ran all over the area I still do not seem to have Sith Academy Codex because this Bugged Before Launch.

I went to Hutta to grab some Lore Codex's and there are a few I cannot obtain. This is mostly due to the Fact that As a Sith Warrior, I am Unable to pick up some of the Local Quest that Have nothing to do with the Class I'm Playing. Like helping the Czerka Corporation deal with Evoii, which gets you the Codex for their organization. And there is a quest that you help out an Ugnaught, cannot pick this up either.

Just a few examples.

IF anyone knows of more maybe if we can get a List going, then Bioware Might do something.
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