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Competitive flying on TRE

Greezt's Avatar

10.08.2016 , 02:00 PM | #11
Apologies for the abysmal quality of my stream. I've recorded whatever I could, and will put them up instead.

Lompi's stream should be fine.

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10.08.2016 , 02:48 PM | #12
Thanks to the hosts and participants! It was fun to get some tough, challenging matches in. Good work organizing the event, I'm glad I was able to fly a few with you all.

- Despon

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10.08.2016 , 03:47 PM | #13
Had a great time and thanks for setting this up!
- Xcal -
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10.08.2016 , 06:38 PM | #14
Alright. My PC/bandwidth/both were struggling with the stream, so here are the 3 matches I remembered to record.

Match 5
Match 6
Match 8

The whole event can be seen from Lompi's point of view:
Match 1
Match 2
Match 3
Match 4
Match 5
Match 6
Match 7
Match 8

Hopefully we'll have some more matches of this type if people are interested in creating groups and participating.

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10.08.2016 , 07:28 PM | #15
Bravo to the combatants! Cheers from the gallery!

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10.09.2016 , 03:17 AM | #16

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10.09.2016 , 08:42 AM | #17
And here you can find the TRE perspective of those matches (bomber DOM, gunship TDM):

YouTube Channel

Either go for the latest uploads or use the "TRE vs SRW" playlist.
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10.09.2016 , 02:37 PM | #18
Thanks for organizing that Suncat, I had a blast. And thanks for letting us use your mumble after our TS glitched out. You guys were especially strong in TDM, those were some really hard fought games.