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Crew skill questions/rambling.

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Crew skill questions/rambling.

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12.29.2011 , 02:09 PM | #1
No i do not care about slicing. It needed it imo.
And now to the pont.
Does every crafting skill have some sort of unique to itself benefit? Artifice on my sorcerer sounded like perfect match... now i just thing it servers 0 purpose. Treasure hunting for gems simply eats a few thousand credits per mission.
All mods and the like can be removed from gear... so long term point of being in business of making said mods is... nonexistent to say the least.
So any sort of, lets say pride and joy, come with crafting skills or are they simply hold overs for newbies
Havent heard a single person trespond to my inquire but reusable biochem stims/medpacks are boe or bop? if they are bop i dont see a single good reason to take anything ekse,