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Weapon and armor itemization RE: Crew Skills

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Weapon and armor itemization RE: Crew Skills

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12.29.2011 , 01:02 PM | #1
Alright alright,

I'm not sure if a similar topic has been brought up in another thread because for whatever reason there is no search function on this forum. (/facepalm). Please excuse any redundancy.

Anyway, I am trying to decide whether or not I should focus on leveling Synthweaving or Artifice for my Sith Assassin. I plan to focus primarily on PvP which is where it gets a bit hard. Because I am not a high level yet and their isn't very much information on how PvP gear is itemized my decision is hazy. I know in WoW I preferred leveling the trade skill that yielded epic weapons because weapons were harder to get with just PvP alone.

In short, which would a primary PvP character (Sith Assassin) better benefit from? Synthweaving or Artifice? If you can get some awesome PvP armor by doing Warzones at higher levels but lightsabers are hard to come by then Artifice would obviously be the better choice.

If they are both fairly accessible, any other recommendations? Which one would be easiest to make money with?

I appreciate your experience on this matter.

May the force be with you and all that