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The First Strike (Droid T9-M6)

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The First Strike (Droid T9-M6)

bourdo's Avatar

07.28.2016 , 06:04 PM | #1
Can anyone help me? My brother is a Preffered Player (level 50 BH Mercenary) and has completed the mission First Strike but the mission is locked... he has still to go to the droid on the fleet.... EXCEPT the droid won't let him click it and the mission is still locked in his mission log....
Any help ???

dcaleb's Avatar

07.28.2016 , 06:50 PM | #2
I can't remember where the web page detailing that stuff is but IIRC preferred players are limited in how many heroic missions, flashpoints, and operations they can do a week.

SerraShar's Avatar

07.28.2016 , 07:12 PM | #3
There are no Limit for heroic when you are preferred . But there is a Limit in FP , and no Operations (unless you buy a Pass ) .


I'm not familliar with this mission . But when usually it say ''Travel to the Fleet'' it mean jump in your Ship and travel there . Don't use quick travel to zap yourself on the fleet .

You could also hit reset (In Mission Log , look down , you should have 2 buttons that say Abondon - Reset ) .

Edit: This mission (from forum search is for Ilum . So that mean your friend has finished his Story ) . And apparently it is Bugged . Open a ticket or ask him to open a Ticket .

Make sure he finished his BH Story.........maybe thats why its buggy?
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