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Leaving in unranked warzones

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Leaving in unranked warzones

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06.29.2016 , 01:38 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by beattlebilly View Post
As a primarily Empire player, I can say I've seen the same happen to our side too. Republic players can and do the same thing you are talking about. And when I switch to my Pub toons, it's because I'm getting tired of being with the bad Imp players.
On the Jedi Covenant? I've heard some people said it was bad there for republic players. I know the begeren colony and the bastion are both bad because I've been there for a full year on each server. I had better results on the Harbinger than the last two I was in.

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06.29.2016 , 01:48 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Nah.. LoL.. Definitely not the case.
It depends on the server and the time of day.
At certain times the reps dominate and other times the imps do.
The people who can't stand to lose will follow the trend. So if the imps are winning the most, they will all jump on imp toons, if reps are winning they all jump on rep toons.
Which ever side they jump too leaves the other faction full of noobs.
There are times on Harbinger that reps dominate hard. But it's not as big a time bracket as the imps. More people play imps because of it. So it's cause and effect.
But I do know some guys who get sick of all the noobs in their faction. ie, they might be on imp toons and playing reps and dominating them, but the imps on their teams are being carried by them. They will then jump to reps to teach those noobs that they need to pick up their game. No one likes to have to try and carry whole teams by themselves. It can get extremely frustrating.
There have been times I have switched to teach some loud mouth a lesson. ie I'm carrying the team by playing objectives and supporting my team. Some fool on my team starts trash talking the other team and then starts trash talking ours because he's doing all the work, while all he's doing is death matching noobs in the middle of no where. At the end of the match he'll brag about his DPS and how bad we all were.
This is when I switch sides, hunt that person down if I see them. Put a target on their head and tunnel them all match so they do no damage and die 20 times. I do this until they stop trash talking. Then I go back to the faction I was playing and play properly. If I see them doing it again, I tell them it was me who was doing that too them and if they don't be quite ill swap over again and hunt them. lol
Oh snap, hahahah. I usually try to mark my enemies when I'm queueing solo or in a group at times (like with 2 or 3 people, maybe even 4 at times) and it does work at times. But then I had moments where when I mark the enemies, with certain symbols for certain purposes like needing a gunslinger to target someone who's class will have difficulty with, some of these losers in my team will tell me "why mark this class? He's not a healer." I'm like "WOW, since when marked targets have to be healers?" This strategy helps if players actually execute it and do it right and not complain about it or just don't care at all. I've seen it work. I don't get why the only choice they make is complain and be so narrow minded like not thinking outside the box.

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06.29.2016 , 01:50 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Aebrynis View Post
If he doesn't start the warzone, it isn't quitting. Your preference, or my preference, or Eric Musco's preference, or God's preference, are all irrelevant. Likewise, if someone MUST drop (real-life crisis, etc), then that's the way it is - we all have to suck it up and move on.

If someone zones into the warzone and then immediately drops, I can shrug it off. Some people just don't like Huttball, or Hypergates, or whatever. I can respect that. For me, it's Odessen and 4x4 arena matches. I refuse to play them, and I will drop immediately. If someone doesn't like that, it's unfortunate - for them. I won't lose any sleep over what someone else does or doesn't like in my warzone preferences.

Having said that, if I start a warzone (i.e. don't immediately drop), I will finish it. Even if we're getting slaughtered, facing two coordinated 4-man teams, and my teammates can't digest the meaning of "if you cap the pylon, stay with the pylon" (or similar courses of required action in the various zones), I will stay. By remaining past the point where the starting barrier drops, I've committed myself to seeing it through. Yes, that may sound corny or infantile to some, but it's how I see it.

Different strokes for different folks.
It's considered quitting if they say something bogus about republic players like me.

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06.29.2016 , 06:30 PM | #44
The main reason I leave unranked WZ's is because it is legitimately quicker to leave/re-queue than it is to stick out a drawn-out losing match. Granted, I only do this during high times, however there have been cases where it is still quicker to leave/re-queue during low times too. Generally what I do is stick with the team for at least the first 2-3 minutes, but if the other team is absolutely ****** our team, and the match is set to take more than 5 minutes, I will leave. On a selfish note, I'm not about to stay and get killed over and over for someones enjoyment.

To give an example, I was in a VS match the other day on my 65 Jugg Tank. We were defending, and within 1 minute of the match starting they had capped the first door. I thought, "alright, we can still turn this around." 1.5 minutes later, they had the bridge down and the second door capped. At this point I left, knowing that it was high time for queue's and that it would legitimately be quicker to re-queue for a possible winning match. This would not only allow for more quicker completion of daily/weekly PvP missions, but negate the satisfaction the other (most likely pre-made) team gets from farming kills as we desperately attempt to catch up during our attacking phase.

I have many more examples like above, but it ultimately comes down to using my time wisely. I've done it both ways, and it varies on a case by case basis, but you can sure as hell bet that I will be gone if we are clearly losing and the match is set to take more than 5 minutes to complete. The only exceptions I make are during 4v4 matches and matches that are completely one-sided that don't rely on time (i.e. Huttball) and can be completed quickly either way.

Finally, it should be noted that someone leaving isn't always detrimental to the match. Sometimes it can actually help. For instance, say you're in a WZ and you have zero healers or tanks on your team. Someone leaving allows for the possibility of said healer or tank to join, thus boosting the teams chance of winning, especially if the other team has a healer/tank. I've been a part of many matches that have gone like this, and we've come from behind to win because someone left, thus allowing for the one role we needed to get ahead to join the group.

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06.30.2016 , 07:25 AM | #45
There must be a punishment for leaving (like deserter in wow) i wrote about it many times but everyone just said "oh no i should leave when i want" you guys just thinking about yourselves, the fact everyone is leaving ruins pvp especially when no one joins instead of player who left.
Like i said, there must be deserter in swtor like in wow.

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06.30.2016 , 09:08 AM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by omaan View Post
There must be a punishment for leaving (like deserter in wow) i wrote about it many times but everyone just said "oh no i should leave when i want" you guys just thinking about yourselves, the fact everyone is leaving ruins pvp especially when no one joins instead of player who left.
Like i said, there must be deserter in swtor like in wow.
2 sides to this coin... am i ruining it by leaving or are the others for creating an imbalanced match? You see it is my failure, i see it as theirs. Your view is not more right than mine.

That having been said I would not be opposed to a deserter penalty myself, but it would not change my behavior. I would rather take the 5 mins or whatever and walk around, stretch the legs, get away from desk... almost anything other than get fed to the premades. Its a matter of not giving them the satisfaction at this point.
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06.30.2016 , 10:52 AM | #47
I agree with Floplag here.

And, every Leaver creates the chance of a really competent player to follow after him / her. One who could turn the table.
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