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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback

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Eternal Championship Encounter Feedback
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04.07.2016 , 06:26 PM | #171
I know I'm a lot late to the party, but thought I'd do some testing with a much lesser-geared character than most of the posts I saw.

Class: Jedi Sentinel
Discipline: Concentration
Gear Level: 188 Relics, 190 everything else (Chapter IX gear)
Companion: Lana Beniko (Healer, Rank 6)

So basically I rushed through Chapters I-IX on this character and jumped straight into the Eternal Championship. I'm not particularly good with the character (it was a copied start-at-60) but managed to clear the first five bosses of the Eternal Championship with no trouble, though Lanos definitely taught me to respect my AoE abilities. Fight #6 however, managed to stop me for the moment - Lana keeps getting too much aggro and dying. I still feel that the fight is winnable, I just need to make sure that I keep aggro on the Brawler as well as one of his pets. It was, however, a significant step up over the other fights.


04.10.2016 , 09:08 PM | #172
I REALLY enjoyed the first five fights! After the overall difficulty nerf in 4.0 that left the game completely devoid of challenging solo content, it was a pleasant surprise to see these rounds not only not be a pushover but enough of a challenge that I actually died a few times, going in blind, even though i have been clearing HM ops. HOWEVER, while i believe round 6 is tuned correctly, round 7 I was actually, to my astonishment, unable to clear with my marauder (in a mix of 204s/208s) even after several (10+ ) attempts. Nocturno does WAY too much damage for that gear level, and Drake Raven is very anti-melee due to the fact that the mines pile up around him and make him hard to hit. You also have a tendency to get stunned via gap closer, because of the aforementioned problems. I am unable to give feedback on the later rounds due to the fact that this was extremely difficult with a low geared melee dps. Another concern I have is that the achievements I was given did not specify that they could not be obtained in solo+. It should be fairly obvious that they should be exclusively solo, because they would be virtually meaningless otherwise. I hope I am simply overlooking something (haven't checked the achievements list yet), but the 7th round needs nerfing on Nocturno's damage (not too much, still need it to be challenging) or her speed when not in perfect defense (this would be the wiser move imho).

Another issue I noticed is the Kolto Stations don't respawn on a retry. This is obviously a bug and would make it harder for players to clear stuff without a complete restart after a death.

Edit: It does appear there are a ton of achievements for solo-only, so I retract my previous statement. It seems unfortunate that the class-specific ones are only for the base classes, and not advanced classes. If you are going to regard classes differently on this, it should be by the advanced class, not the base class.


04.11.2016 , 06:55 AM | #173
After trying it with my 216/220 sin, I realize there is an issue with the 6th encounter. My assessment seems to be what everyone else is saying: the player has too little control. I feel the Brawler himself should be like Nocturno and Raven, unable to target companions. The rest seems ok, because players should understand why threat is an issue (and maybe get them to start using threat reducers).

Also I understand why Nocturno hits so hard; she is supposed to be avoided. But I also understand that the fight was designed with ranged dps in mind, which is why melee dps are faced with a dilema: in order to avoid nocturno, they must avoid damaging her. I think there should be a heavy hitting ranged ability on drake's belt, to even this out. I also would consider reducing her speed while charging, as it can be really hard to kite her into mines when they are all at the edge of the room (from melee attacks on drake).

Edit: After thinking about it for a bit (and clearing all but the last boss due to time restraints), I think the 7th encounter is actually good for melee, as it teaches them to expect to have to work harder than ranged classes, which is how it is in a lot of ops fights. But my experience here has led me to question who exactly is the intented target for this? Rounds 1-5 are tactical flashpoint easy; rounds 6-10 are like a HM progression op for those players in 204-208 gear. If these rounds are designed to merely prepare people for SM ops, they are slightly overtuned. However, if they are attempting to cater to the more challenge-ready people in the community and possibly prepare people for the potential stress of a HM op, then they are just right. I can see this being an attempt to "overprepare" players for SM ops to help solve the current problems with pug groups, and it would be fine in those circumstances. I don't think you guys intend it to be this difficult though.

I will say that I would be careful "nerfing" anything though to avoid making it too easy, as right now I am rather pleased with the current state. I think you will just have to see the more casual players attempt it on the live servers, and judge then. The tricky part is that you will have to discern between legitimate complaints about it, and people crying because all of a sudden there is new content they can't have their companion carry them through.

I really do believe this is going to be really beneficial for the game, and while people complain about the lack of replayability- that is a bonus, not the main point. The purpose of this imo is to help some of the "mechanically challenged" players develop skills needed for ops, so that you dont encounter people in GF ops that die because they keep standing in crap. I honestly think the strict tuning of rounds 6-10 is for the best, because it will teach newbies patience and perseverance, which is something sorely lacking in most pug groups i see (ragequit after just one wipe on a hard boss, etc..) and is a necessity if you are going to insist on SM op lockouts, which I see as pointless at this stage in the gearing cycle. It's no fun having to replace somebody after just one wipe, when most people only want to do full runs.

However, my point about the 6th encounter still stands: to my understanding, the Brawler should only go after the player. Also, it appears to be bugged atm, as the stacking debuff only appears on the companion. I would make the stacks of the debuff all fall off at once, to make the encounter easier and more of a transition round to the harder part of the championship.

After clearing all 10 rounds, I can say without a doubt that this has surpassed my expectations. My earlier criticisms about round 7 proved to just be me needing to get used to the mechanics of the fight; it was actually quite fun. I can see that there are some concerns on the forums about the focusing laser on round 10; I found it to be awesome, as a dps is forced to use cooldowns to survive and encouraged to push their limits to ensure they don't encounter it too many times, and it will test tanks and healers in their ability to endure high damage for an extended period of time. It also is good to have a reason to use the kolto stations as well, because then you have to make sure they don't get blown up by the mortars. As far as adds despawning when a boss is killed (as someone suggested).... the last boss is ok because it is a moment of triumph, but in operations and flashpoints the adds don't die with the boss necessarily, and the current situation in the championship may help people stop looting while there are still adds up. For example, when you kill HM Bulo, you might still have to spend 30-45 seconds (or more) cleaning up the adds. That shouldn't change here, except for the triumphant moment in the last boss fight.

The only two things that imo must change before going live is the kolto stations need to respawn at the start of each round, and after defeat. Right now the only time they can be reused is when they respawn after being blown up in round 10. Also, the announcer scripts that play before each round need to only do so when you reach each round. If you die and reattempt it, you should not have to wait before the fight begins, that is just pointlessly frustrating and annoying.