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Bowdaar Alliance Alert

mrwayn's Avatar

04.07.2016 , 01:33 PM | #1
I tested the Bowdaar mission and a few questions/notes came up.
After the initial conversation the mission-tracker does not tell you, how many rounds you need to complete (at least I couldn't see such a note). I seem to remember that the first 5 rounds would be enough, but after completing round 5 nothing changed in the mission-tracker, so I just did all 10 rounds. That gave me about 13k influence (rank 11) so I'm not so sure anymore if 5 rounds would be enough. It would help, if you could add into the mission description how many rounds you need to do.
And you could buff the 3 final enemies of the Bowdaar mission a little bit. I mean, the player just completed 5 rounds (or more) which were at least kind of interesting (or even challenging for some) and then he goes in there and kills the enemies in less then 10 seconds... kind of underwhelming.
Another note: I tried several dialog options and non of them seemed to grant influence. So, did I simply pick the wrong ones or are there no influence-granting options?

And since I'm already at it: before you start round 8 of the EC, the speaker says something like: "after 6 wins...". I'm no expert in math, but shouldn't that be "after 7 wins..."