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12.29.2011 , 01:28 AM | #1
Sitting next to the Jedi was disturbing for him. He had seen minds erased, men tore apart to pieces, and, if rumors were true, life created by the powers of their Force. He wondered why they had these powers, and where that put them in the scale of things. He wondered why this Zabrak scholar, who never had seen battle, but yet could kill if he choose with the might of the most veteran Jedi, had the powers of the Force while he and his squad did not. He wondered if he was looking at a god.

These thoughts disturbed Saffec, and they were all the more acute due to the mission he had been assigned. Waving the thought from his mind, Saffec stood and went to check on his squad's outfitting in the armory. The BT-7 was a spacious ship, outfitted with the latest in military hardware from shielding, to navigation, to weapons, and it filled him with a quiet pride to know it had been assigned under his command. Saffec entered the armory, and stood by the doorway inspecting his squad. Saffec had served with these men for over two years during the war, and on numerous missions since the peace was declared. They had saved each other's lives more than once, and they knew no fear from any Imp.

Drallig looked up from his assault cannon at his captain. "So, Bossman, did the Jedi improve on the mood problem of yours?"

Saffec gabbed a nearby packet of grenades, and tossed them to Drallig. "Tar, give Dra your pack. He'll be carrying them all."

"Wonderful to see you are still the same, Bossman."

Everyone laughed. His squad was composed of three members. Drallig, a native of Alderaan and minor noble, was the squad's heavy gunner and munitions expert. Tarr-Tu-Nu, a Cerean, was the squad's medic and go to for general problem solving, as everyone assumed he was a genius due to his enlarged brain. Finally, there was Nar Shanok the Twi'lek, the Squad's scout and espionage expert. Nar had been a courtesan on Hutta when he was young, before he killed his master with a poisonous drink, and escaped off world to find security in the republic military.

Saffec motioned for the men to gather to gather around him. "We're being rerouted from Tatooine. We've received new intel that the force-sensitives may be coming from Hafriss, and since we have the Jedi aboard and are the closest, we are being sent check it out."

"I assume we'll be landing so you can try to get me killed me again, right bossman?"

"I still have that bet with Nar you know." answered Saffec.

"What kind of terrain are we expecting?" asked Tarr.

"From what intelligence knows if the planet, it was originally colonized heavily several thousand years ago, but has since been abandoned. There were skirmishes near this sector of space during the war, but the planet was never occupied by either side due to location and lack of apparent resources."

"No working Cantina's then. Great." Said Nar.

"When are we going to get that bar, Captain?" asked Tarr.

"As soon as I kill Drallig, and win that bet."

"Such morbid humor. Must make for fun bets" said a voice behind the squad. Saffec turned and saw the other Jedi that was accompanying them. He was named Pavan Rastoni, and had been with them since their departure from the fleet carrier after the last mission. He had been assigned to guard the Zabrak scholar, Kadrian Pyne, on his studies regarding the drastic rise of force-adepts in this region.

"At least it's in jest. I've heard of far worse games on Ord Mantell" said Pavan as he came to stand next to Saffec. The uneasiness felt earlier by Saffec came rushing back.

"We're only human, along with the occasional Twi'lek and Cerean moments" said Drallig with a wink to Nar and Tarr. "If we lose our humor and become completely serious, we'll lose our minds."

"I have to disagree with you. The Imperials have absolutely no humor, and they still fight pretty well. Then again, fighting us may have be their madness" said Pavan with a laugh. Saffec and the squad joined in the laughter. The tension was diffused.

"Anyway, I came back here to talk to you men about our mission. I assume the captain has illuminated you all on our rerouting. These force-adepts are a phenomenon we in the Order have never seen before. They have all the Force control of a normal Jedi, but lack any of our training and teachings. This causes great interest for obvious reasons, but even though we have been tasked with stopping whatever is causing these appearances, know that we must discover what is causing this, and learn what it is. This may not be the last time we see this event occur, and we need to be prepared." The squad nodded their heads.

"We'll be arriving at planet fall soon. May the force be with you all." Pavan walked out of the armory.

"Poor man" said Tarr. "He carries that guilt heavily."

"As long as he doesn't get us caught up in one of his suicide attacks" said Drallig as he went back to inspecting his cannon.

The crew returned to what they were doing, and Saffec left to watch the jump to Hafriss.

As the ship appeared over the planet, Saffec looked upon a steaming jungle world dotted with abandoned cities, and he wondered what, if anything, was looking at him, and wondering if Saffec was a god.

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12.29.2011 , 01:35 AM | #2
First time writer, and first time posting. I broke pretty much all the rules of writing with this piece, as in I wrote it off the top of my head. but if I didn't write this tonight, I would never have written anything.

This is the first part of my Assault story(the name is temporary). Since this is my first attempt at writing a multipost story, however, I'm not sure how this might develop. Please excuse any blatant story mistakes and grammatical errors I make, as I'm still learning. Please critique if you want. If there is anything I can improve upon, I will try too.

I have a general idea and theme for this story, so I'm not just making it up as I go. I'm excited to actually do this finally, and to see how the story grows as I write.