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2016 Stronghold Wishlist

casirabit's Avatar

01.20.2016 , 12:39 PM | #21
My wish:

An interactive serving droid like I had in SWG where you could program it with 10 spots and it would move to the 10 spots on its own and not sit in one spot.

And some interactive pets/companions so they would move around or at lease working on the comupter/desk repair areas.
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01.20.2016 , 02:38 PM | #22
Nice ideas but i think they dont do anything for strongholds again ^^ except new decos
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Taminara's Avatar

01.22.2016 , 09:20 AM | #23
My very first wish, which I know will never happen, is to have Star Wars Galaxies housing reincarnated here. I hated the hook system in LotRo and feel the same way about it here. I even resubbed to ToR when I found out they'd added strongholds, but when I came back and saw how they did it, I was bitterly disappointed and left again. Several months later, I thought I'd give it a shot again and I'm doing my best to accept it for what it is. Rift is still my MMO of choice (i've been subbed to it for years) and a big part of that reason is due to the housing sytem (the other is their wardrobe system), which is almost as good as SWGs was. I do like the Star Wars Universe, which is why I'm giving it a second shot. Since Strongholds/housing is such a big deal to me, I thought I'd give some input from things I'd like to see. The OP and others have some great ideas and I'd certainly love see greater ways to customize the actual stronghold, outside of decos, with such things as a color scheme or being able to choose flooring, window looks, arrangements, etc. Just as we all love to have an individual look, the same goes for the strongholds.

All axis rotation for every single piece placed, which also includes being able to raise floor items up or sink things into the floor. (So many of the pots are too damn big for the plants that I wish I could hide part of it. )

Scaling. I'd like to make items bigger or smaller. (Some trees are too small, some plants are too big, etc.)

Greater range of movements on the hooks (Even though its horrible to have hooks and severely limiting, at least we're allowed to have a few different layout options but even then, it can be difficult to make a nice arrangement with only a few pieces. If we had greater range of movement as well as all axis rotation, we could do even more.)

An option to have doors open always or auto open when approached. This can be done via a checkbox to mark or button to push. It'd be lovely to set each one individually with a button.

More natural decos, such as rocks, trees, ,crystals, etc that are NOT potted. Dammit, not everything needs to be in a pot!

Just more general housing type decos period. It seems like there's a ton of military/junk/mechanical... but what if someone just wants to make a cozy homey type setting? Where are the wall draperies? Where are the greater lamps and lights selection? Where are the fireplaces? Other than this lifeday, there are none. And ffs, why does this fireplace have smoke pouring out the front of it?! I was so disgusted when I saw that. I dont mind if the fire smokes a bit, but why did it have to be made to roll out the front?

And yes, that Nar Shadda landing pad should have an easier way to access it then having to run and jump or ride a vehicle and jump to try and reach it. I love the idea that one person suggested of having a walk extend out to it. You could even put it on the lowest level and make it an unlock, to cause people to spend even more money and/or credits just to have it.

So much of the Strongholds system feels like its been done the easiest and cheapest way possible, just as a bone to throw to the dogs to try and keep them content. I really struggle with my feelings over it. I probably would think its better if I had never played Star Wars Galaxies or Rift where I have/had hundreds of items to play with, can put them where I please, create a beautiful single item out of putting multiple pieces together etc. I will just play as long as I can, until my frustration outweighs what enjoyment I do get out of it. Many of the suggestions made in this thread would improve my enjoyment of the game a great deal. When you make your players happy, they are more willing to pay you for it.

Maullum's Avatar

01.22.2016 , 09:05 PM | #24
I'd like a signpost, that would allow me to interact to change the text, and reveal the text for not-mes on mouseover.

So like the signs on Manaan, except I get to choose the text.

Welcome to the Redmoon Cantina! Please don't touch the turrets, they're new.
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Xo-Lara's Avatar

01.29.2016 , 10:16 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Maullum View Post
I'd like a signpost, that would allow me to interact to change the text, and reveal the text for not-mes on mouseover.

So like the signs on Manaan, except I get to choose the text.

Welcome to the Redmoon Cantina! Please don't touch the turrets, they're new.
I made a thread asking for that very thing a while back.
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DarrthXanadu's Avatar

01.30.2016 , 06:34 PM | #26
My 2016 Stronghold Wishlist:

Manaan Stronghold - Above water, and below (make like an option for that :O) - Let's face it. Manaan is pretty, instead they gave us Yavin, yay..

More strongholds in general. I've found a lack of good strongholds in this game

Better deco's

Better everything really

Xina_LA's Avatar

01.31.2016 , 03:59 PM | #27
I would like to be able to see out of stronghold windows! For some reason, there are many angles at which the windows show "glare" from ambient light (even with no light in the hook) and become opaque. This problem is most vexing in the Nar Shaddaa stronghold's Main room (downstairs), where there are very few good viewing angles allowing you to see the balcony, despite a huge window-wall.