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Warzones and level brackets

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Warzones and level brackets

Avanien's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 07:49 PM | #1
First of all, I love to PvP and will continue to do so. This is simply meant as a bit of constructive criticism to what I realize is a very new game.

I really feel that PvP could be improved considerably by adding level brackets. There are a few reasons I think that this would help and stop more than a few people from QQing about the PvP in this game. I see no reasons that this system would harm PvP in any way.

1.) Level 50s can completely roflpwn a level 10. Why? Because they get access to more skills, talents, etc. They have more cooldowns and much more cc than a level 10. You solo a 50, you lose almost every time unless they just suck.

2.) Level 50s get access to much better gear than a lowbie toon. Expertise is not available to lower characters and so this puts them at a disadvantage.

3.) Level 50s have been playing for much longer and will have more experience than those who are new to PvP and have no idea what they are doing. This puts BOTH people at a disadvantage (if they are on the same team) because the inexperienced lowbie contributes very little to the warzone and the 50 has to pull his/her weight. Those on the other team just laugh...unless they too have inexperienced lowbies on their team. You see my point.

4.) The bolster system is flawed. It can only boost your stats, not your gear, skills, or experience (see #1-3).

The PvP system could only be improved by the level bracket system. I would love to be only PvPing with people of my level--it would make things much more interesting and fun for everyone. How awesome would it be for there to be warzones for just level 50s?


Knockerz's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 07:53 PM | #2
They probably will add level brackets. My guess is BW didn't add level brackets due to the lack of players at each level bracket, especially at max level. There is also another possibility. If rated Warzones are implemented, you can bet those will only be level 50. Thus, you can play those instead of normal Warzones.
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Magpez's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 07:55 PM | #3
I totally agree. There needs to be level brackets. I would not mind waiting in queue longer to play against players my level.

Dannicus's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 08:12 PM | #4
First off, you people need to start arguing extremes. Every single warzone isn't level 10s and level 50s.

The Bolster system shares its exact same problems with bracket systems yet diminishes their impact while solving others. The only bracket we need is an optional choice for a 50's only warzone when you hit cap. Beyond that, we only need improve the Bolster system, because everything brackets do, Bolster does better, while leaving many problems and annoyances with brackets negligible or non-existent.
  • Bolster heavily reduces queue times
  • I can PVP with my friends/guildies on any alt at any level
  • I can be valuable and effective at any level and on any alt by understanding my strengths and weaknesses
  • Only available talents and skills truly make a difference, making balancing easier
  • Since stats are normalized, I can still bring a fresh 10 and challenge a level 50

Reverting to a bracketed system only reintroduces numerous problems inherent in such a system, while retaining the exact same problems we have now.

The following is all that the bolster system currently needs:
  1. Sprint to be level 10
  2. Tank ACs to get their taunt, guard, and tank stance at level 10
  3. Increase the bolster effect for lower levels by as much as 30%, particularly sub-20
  4. Bolster level 50s (and maybe near 50s) down slightly and require better than green gear to compensate
  5. Cap Expertise in regular warzones
  6. Introduce an optional 50's only bracket that removes expertise cap and bolster effects

Avanien's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 09:57 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Dannicus View Post
The Bolster system shares its exact same problems with bracket systems yet diminishes their impact while solving others.
This doesn't mean anything. You just said a very complex statement but actually said nothing at all. Your other points are mostly the same.

Most of the statements in here make no sense. You stated that we need a 50s only bracket so you support the idea. Stop arguing specifics. Even by this argumentative post you still agree that changes need to be made. The bolster system is flawed (please see my first post as to why).

Also...almost every single warzone I have been in has had both 50s and level 10s, so you are just wrong. Not to be rude or anything....but that statement is just inaccurate.

My whole point is that SOMETHING needs to be done and that a level bracket system is a wise alternative to the current system.