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Warhammer Style City Conquest

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Warhammer Style City Conquest

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12.28.2011 , 09:40 PM | #1
This is all my opinion but with Bioware and Mythic both being owned by EA, there should be a tiered system of PvP with instanced versions of planets as battlegrounds where the Republic (R from here on out) and the Empire (E from here on out) vy for control of the enemies capital worlds. Similar to the RvR system in Warhammer. For those who don't know the capital city conquest system in Warhammer it would work like this

(Coruscant) (R) (R) (Neutral) (E) (E) (Dromund Kaas)

The neutral territory would move back and forth until one side would invade the others capital city.

To fit it into the plot line of a "Cold War" the conflict wouldn't be overt, but instead small teams of agents attacking the enemy's planets for intelligence or resources.

An added benefit of this system, is that the Empire could visit Coruscant, and the Republic could visit Dromund Kaas.

For those of you who say that why should BW take ideas from a company which managed to bleed 800,000 subscribers out, I respond that Warhammer had a lot of faults. But the vanilla, city conquest system was cool, even if it was all PvE.
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