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Star Fortress Fixes

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01.12.2016 , 11:43 AM | #1
Just finished running all the Star Fortresses over the past week (all 6, solo and heroic modes, all soloed...though never without the alliance buffs and caches, 'cuz I'm not THAT good), and there's a few things I think the devs should consider looking into. I'll say this now before people jump the gun: this is NOT a nerf request at all. Challenge level is fine where it is, even on heroic mode (with one exception that I'll get to later, and it's debatably in the other direction). I'll likely never see "The One and Only" under my name, but that's due to my skill level, not tuning, so meh.

Anyway, some things I noticed:

-RNG placement: this relates to the devotional texts, paladins, and (in heroic mode) the specialist supply caches. Quite frankly, I think any system designed off of RNG is a bad idea, and the Star Fortresses are a good example of why. To break it down further:
--in every Star Fortress I did, I scoured every inch of the place for the devotional texts and only found 4 of them; in Alderaan's case, I did 4 total runs (one in heroic, 3 in solo mode) and never once saw the thing. By contrast, in the 4 Star Fortresses where I DID manage to find the text, the game threw at least 2, sometimes 3 or more copies of the thing at me on each run I did, to the point that I was almost tripping over them. I don't know if this is just the RNG being mean, or if it's rigged in such a way that a single character actually CAN'T get all 6 (as in, the RNG won't generate all 6 for one character but will generate the "missing" ones for other characters in your legacy) so that a player is forced to run multiple characters through the Star Fortresses if they want them all; if it's the latter, I'll likely never see those last two because a) I'm not a huge achievement hunter in the first place (I just wanted to see if I could find all 6 texts), and b) I don't like the idea of being forced to grind these places on multiple characters just for an achievement and title that I don't care about (I'm more miffed about the RNG thing than anything else here).
--same deal with the paladins. There's supposed to be 2 per Star Fortress; the fact that which 2 you get is randomized makes getting the related achievements annoying enough for those that care, but on my run through the solo mode version of Hoth, I only found one despite once again scouring every corner of every map (heroic mode might've given me the same issue; it was late, I don't specifically remember). Once again, RNG placement seemingly not doing its job properly.
--the biggest potential issue with this (for someone at my skill level, at least) was the specialist supply caches in heroic mode. Once again on Hoth, I went through the entire map, checked every corner of every room, and only found 2 of the 4 caches. Thankfully, the 2 caches the game decided to give me were the med probe and the turret (the two I consider to be vital), but if either of those had been left out instead, I probably wouldn't have cleared. Not only that, but it can potentially mess up someone's attempt to get "Fully Armed and Operational" if they still want/need that achievement/title and the caches don't show up properly.
-this next one was more of an annoyance than anything else. When I got to the sun reactors on Tatooine and Hoth's heroic modes, the game bugged out a bit and wasn't giving me some of the "loot" properly. Sun shields (or whatever they're called) didn't drop at all until I reached the second control room, and when I cleared the room, they vanished from my inventory, so I never got to use them. Likewise, the capacitors I looted in the second control room also vanished from my inventory when I cleared the room, so I had to start fresh when I got to the third control room. In both cases, when the relevant item vanished from my inventory, the related action icon on my temporary hotbar also disappeared. In the other 4 Star Fortresses, sun shields dropped from trash mobs beginning with the first set, and both they and the capacitors stayed in my inventory (and on my temporary hotbar) until I cleared the Star Fortress, so I don't know why these 2 didn't other than just a bug I happened to get. Again, this wasn't a major issue on either front, but probably something they should look into fixing at some point.

The only thing I'll say about the challenge level on heroic mode is that the paladins seem...oddly tuned by comparison to each other. I've had some varieties (the single-saber ones, I think) that tear me a new one pretty fast, especially if I don't get my turret deployed fat enough (nothing interruptible that I noticed in their skill set, just a lot of raw damage output), but the dual-saber ones and the saber-staff ones do oddly little damage even on heroic mode. Again, I'm not asking for a nerf or anything; just observing what I consider to be an odd difference. If anything, for heroic mode, I'd say the dual-wielders and staff wielders need to be tuned UP to match the single wielders, but...whatever, I guess.
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