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4th Anniversary Decos

Xilat's Avatar

12.09.2015 , 04:50 PM | #1
So last year we got decos for free and could donate to guild for free and this year Bioware wants to rip us off and charge us 75,000cr to donate ONE HK Statue to our guild??!! So the 50million credits it takes to get the guild ship isnt worth giving guilds the decos for free too??

I gotta say that every patch that comes out just pushes me and alot of my guildmates further and further away. Our guild used to have 60 qualifying accounts and now since 4.0 we are down to 35 and i just see it continuing its downslide unless bioware gets its head out of its *** and stops trying to squeeze every single penny that it can out of the players who are already paying to play.

lukewarcriminal's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 12:45 AM | #2
75k per deco aint much tbh. especially when u split it on many members (that is the point) unless u're in one of those "dead guilds" where gm is making guild just to be "master"
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