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PVP 3 Cannons Buged + Riged time delay for reble

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PVP 3 Cannons Buged + Riged time delay for reble

windbags's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 05:08 PM | #1
Dont know where I should Post this. .. there is a Time delay for reb when we try to take over a cannon even if we own 2 of the cannons. They Fire about 5 sec. after full ownaing of said Cannon . However when the Imp's Take over the cannon they fire Instant after they have taken over the cannon the cannon does not show its firing however the hitpoints of the reb ship goes down faster then the imps i have noticed this on every one of the games i played in PVP with the Cannons where the IMPS fire first even if rebles owned 2 of the 3 cannons imps did not own any.. hp on ships weas reb 600 imp 580 then the moment they took over the other cannon so rebs ownd 2 . imps 1 hp on ships where 575 / 575 how you might ask is this posable its the imps dont have any time delay from shooting cannon and taking it over . hope you fix this soon