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Rank 50 inf companion healing nerfed over 50%

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Rank 50 inf companion healing nerfed over 50%

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11.19.2015 , 11:50 AM | #21
Thanks for showing me that grinding all the way to rank 50 doesn't make up for this horrendous nerf.

I am strongly considering quitting unless they quickly revert this.

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11.19.2015 , 12:47 PM | #22
In some situations I am hearing if you don't have legacy and other stuff then you are in an even worse situation. It's Nerf'ed by 75 in some situations. It should if anything been done to 25-30 max. Now they are worse off then they were before the Patch.

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11.19.2015 , 12:56 PM | #23
Bioware really needs to fix this or else I plan to focus on ops and ranked pvp only.

Levelling isn't fun anymore :\

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11.19.2015 , 01:01 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Jcargan View Post
I serriously doubt that considering with my testing at 27 it comes out about 48-50% change
I call ******** here, as I checked number increase when ranking up some companions a couple levels to see the change in increase in DPS and it was a joke!
It's like each rank adds a fixed number to damage/heal stats... which is like 6-10 per rank. So max damage went for example from 890 on rank 1 to 896 on rank 2, 903 on rank 3, 910 on rank 4 and so on.
So calculating to rank 50... that's like 0,5% increase per rank. So total difference from rank 1 at rank 50 is like 20-25%!

Complete BULLOCKS! A farce! Especially since the amount of investment it requires to get a single companion to rank 50! And if you can't see anything wrong in that.... I don't know what to say really.

A rank 20 companion of mine now does less than half the damage in DPS role, than my Jedi Guardian does in tank stance and full tank gear! Completely useless! I can now just as well dismiss my companion and continue on solo!
No point getting it to rank 50 either! Complete waste of effort and credits now, as the change is barely noticeable and worth it!

In it's current state, the companions are worse than they have ever been! They were way better and more useful before 4.0 !

If they are unwillingly to admit their mistake and revert the patch and test it first! I rather have them roll it back completely to how it was before Patch 4.0!

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11.19.2015 , 06:47 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerApple View Post
In some situations I am hearing if you don't have legacy and other stuff then you are in an even worse situation. It's Nerf'ed by 75 in some situations. It should if anything been done to 25-30 max. Now they are worse off then they were before the Patch.
20 - 30% nerf seems like the number i'm seeing more and more that people agree with. Perhaps they should start with 20 and go there.

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11.19.2015 , 07:00 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Noyjitat View Post
20 - 30% nerf seems like the number i'm seeing more and more that people agree with. Perhaps they should start with 20 and go there.
But devs don't do that, they go too much in either direction. Which is what they've done and to no surprise to me and my friends.

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11.21.2015 , 12:50 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Noyjitat View Post
Jaessa with rank 50 inf and all datacrons Previous and current stats

12919 heal with a 7.4 cooldown
Current nerf
3558 - 5033 with a 7.6 cooldown

So you nerfed the healing over 50% and it now does a random heal finally you also increased the cooldown

Ameliorating force
18809 health 2.79 second channeled
Current nerf

4345 channel over 2.85 seconds

You greatly neutered this power and words cannot describe the frustration here.

4874 over 9 seconds with 11.2 cooldown
current buff
6336 over 9 seconds with 11.4 cooldown

You buffed the heal and increased it's cooldown but with the huge nerf to the other heals this hardly matters

So now my 50 influence companion barely heals as good as they did before the expansion. You need to rethink this and readjust to more reasonable levels. This is unacceptable!

I'll wait to see if sannity kicks in here with the powers dev but if they seriously leave them this nerfed i'll have to think about unsubscribing.

I do not have the exact damage numbers for damage jaessa but I recall the number melee primary damage number being 8000ish in the character sheet. That number is now 4700 - 5100. But here's my feedback on the star fortress with damage jaessa for everything up to the exarch which doesn't appear to be doable without crate buffs and heroic moment. I always used a healing jaessa on this part anyway.

Heroic star fortresses

For this feedback I will be playing as a level 65 sith immortal tank with a mixture of 208/216/220 gear with augements, rank 16 specialist buffs (but not using the specialist crates temporary abilities and all datacrons) I will not be using a healing companion for the first phase because as a tank it takes too long to kill even a standard npc let alone a strong or elite on these. Keep in mind once again that my Jaessa is level 50 influence.

Again, using a damage companion for the first part of the star fortress as I typically only needed healing during exarch fight. My cooldowns and mixture of 208/217/220 gear would suffice before. Because of the damage nerfs to Jaessa it now takes me 3 times as long just to get to the exarch fight using her damage role while playing a tank.
Yes that's right you read that correctly, 3 times as long. A flash point should not take the length of a Operation to complete in any universe or time in history.
Noting that I probably wouldn't be able to even get this far on a damage character with a damage companion.

During trash fights

'Damage' Jaessas damage was nearly cut in half (don't have exact numbers because i didn't write them down but it was 8000 primary melee damage for her before and now its 4700 - 5100

'Damage' Jaessa actually struggles killing two standard npcs in a reasonable amount of time and results in losing 1/3 of her health - simply unacceptable

'Damage' Jaessa can no longer bring a knight (elite) below 1/4 health before death is imminent (me taunting other mobs away. - I feel it's worth pointing out that the developers say that a companion counts as a player and so they should be able to do what a player can. WEll I can certainly kill a single elite by myself and she can't even get it down 1/4 health and while im a tank and have more defense she has 3 times my damage.

Praetorian / Paladin fights
'Damage' Jaessa spec comes close to death on these boss fights on heroic star fortress with me playing as a tank. Most likely because of her damage being nerfed and it taking too long to kill champions. I also have to pop my defensive cooldowns more. I'm not completely sure she would of survive if I was melee dps instead.

After a long fight ended I changed jaessa to heal when i dropped down to 30% health so she could heal me and ended up using my out of combat regen power instead after finding I could heal myself way faster than jaessa can heal me. As a result of the nerfs. Which frankly is beyond stupid as it never was like this before.

The exarch terminal phase
I can do the exarch terminals phase with damage companion while I tank but i have to use cool downs and i have some really close to death moments (yes im dodging and running out of damage circles)

The exarch boss fight phase

-using a damage jaessa and me as a tank-
Almost killed Alderan exarch with 'damage' Jaessa but I died with exarch at 24%. I didn't use the specialists rank 10 crate items because most players won't have those but i did use a medpack and all of my cooldowns. I did not pop heroic moment. This tells me i probably wouldn't come close to killing the voss exarch that has regen powers before he killed me or the companion. Especially with companions not being smart enough to run out of damage circles

-using a healing jaessa and me as a tank (this is what i normally always do)
Jaessa comes close to death few times during the fight trying to keep me healed and herself alive but ultimately dies and I finally kill the exarch with 40% health remaining and a dead companion. This tells me that she would be next to useless on hardmode flashpoints if the group lacked a healing player. She would ultimately die from random group damage while healing other players. In the end I don't think a damage player using a healing companion is going to make it throught this fight as easily (keep in mind she is a level 50 influence healing companion

Sorry but this flat 50% - 75% heal and 50% damage nerf is **** and im not going to stay around if this doesn't change. Keep in mind that my companion is 50 influence which means she shouldd be way better than this and I spent countless credits, crystals, cartel coins (for hypercrates with companion gifts and things to sell for credits to get companion gifts) I could of accepted 20% maybe even 25- 30% damage / heal nerf but 50%/75% is insane and unreasonable.

I won't be running anymore star fortresses without a friend and that means not very often since they don't get to play but once or twice a week when im lucky. Which means I basically won't be running star fortresses at all and will probably be unsubscribing at this point. I feel I also need to add that I haven't felt the need to unsubscribe a game in years due to a nerf. You've really made a bad impression on me for the first time.

But wait... there's more!

Soloing a devastator monolith... is harder now?

This is something I liked doing pre 4.0 when i would augment out my tanks. It was to me a good test of just what me and my companion could get away with. Well..... Before 4.0 I was able to solo devastator monoliths on ziost with a 190 augmented immortal jugg and a 192/190 augmented companion (i didn't use the pieces with accuracy and replaced them with 190 ziost gear)

Now this time we're 2 levels above since ziost is a level 60 world and the damn thing nearly killed me and my companion several times despite using all cooldowns ( didn't use heroic moment but then i never needed to before) we were both near a hit from dying several times but at the last second a heal would save us or my cooldown would be ready to use again so jaessa only had to heal herself.

This tells me a 50 influence companion has less either burst healing or overall healing output (possibly both) than pre 4.0 healing companions. I mean come on! We're 2 levels above the damned monolith now and i have higher defense and shield/absorb than i had pre 4.0.

Thank you for providing these numbers. I was not savvy enough to capture some of these numbers pre-Nerf and was curious. That's a pretty serious hit to healing! Far more than what was stated!

As for DPS, my comp actually hits harder than she did pre-4.0 (and I had Kira kited out with mixed 198/192 ops gear and fully 186 augmented). Although, I will say she only hits marginally harder. As for overall dps, I am not sure. I did not parse her before, nor since (just looking at the raw damage number on the companion profile for reference).

The heals did not need that much of a nerf! The Ziost example you gave his really bad. Any content you could do pre-4.0 with your Comp, you should be able to do post 4.0 with a rank 50 comp. Hope this is fixed soon.

spider-venom's Avatar

11.21.2015 , 05:44 PM | #28
agreed. i got my *** kicked on the heroic 4 mission on x.....isn't it bad enough that we've already been weakened due to sync? though, sync is great for ops and hm fps.....not so much for everything else.

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11.21.2015 , 06:20 PM | #29
You have to wonder if part of the super nerf was because people were kicking healers from flashpoints for Comp Healers. They were exceedingly effective and given how easy it is to level most people in flashpoints are awful so why run a human who is likely terrible when you can run with a comp? Game is in a pretty bad state for Group Finder.
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11.21.2015 , 06:27 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Jcargan View Post
I serriously doubt that considering with my testing at 27 it comes out about 48-50% change
Oh please stop already. OP posted detailed numbers and what have you posted? nada.

Please stop trolling every companion Nerf topic if you have nothing substantial to add to the discussion.

Show us your testing like OP did or do not bother.
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