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Problems with EV

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12.28.2011 , 01:52 PM | #1
Need some help internet!

Currently we are doing a rag-tag group to try out the Eternity Vault but are having some issues. We can get most of the the turrets and droids down, but are having some issues with people dying. Once we get to the larger droid things start ok, then people start dying and we usually die with him at about 20% or so.

Here's the issues

- Tanks are saying the healers just aren't keeping the DPS alive, but we don't have any way to see if the healers are healing properly. We are kind of just taking them at their word at the moment since nobody knows how they are healing. We have healing assignments with seemingly competent healers, but again, the Operative says he doesn't have large heals, but he is hotting the group and throwing out AoE heals, but we can't tell how much he's contributing to ACTUAL healing. Same with our main tank healing Sorc, we can't tell how much he's healing and/or contributing. Same goes with our other healers.

- Healers are saying that the fight becomes un-healable because the DPS aren't doing enough damage fast enough. Once again, after talking with several DPS and making logical guesses about how much damage they think they are doing, we're having a hard time comparing certain DPS classes. We've started doing "practice runs" having DPS going on Champion level mobs while a healer keeps them alive to try and get an idea of how much damage they're doing by how long it takes the mob to die. (And thus identify a weak link if the DPS are the issue, but it's just imprecise guesses at this point).

- DPS are claiming that some of the "random" attacks that are going out aren't random and that the tank doesn't have full aggro. We don't have any knowledge of this. We're totally guessing at this point about what abilities are targeting who and making wild guesses since we don't have a "target of target" Option or anything.

- Our OT (Jugg) thinks that our MT (Assassin) is taking WAAAAY more damage and should be assigned different roles because how much damage he is taking per hit vs how much the other tank is, but again, we have NO way determine hard facts other than "How much do you remember him hitting you for?" This is a terrible way to determine performance and survivability since we really are (yet again) guessing about how someone is or is not geared/performing.

- Healers are claiming that the DPS is standing in that which they shouldn't, but we can't tell who's taking damage from the "fire" (generic term for all things bad to stand in). We're guessing off of glimpses that people see, but we really have no real idea of what's going on as far as who is taking what damage.

So there you have it, any suggestions? Currently end-game raiding is very hard to monitor and evaluate performance, survivability, you know, all the important stuff in end-game raiding. How can we monitor the performance of the group and troubleshoot these issues?

Performance monitoring tools would be appreciated! I am pretty much to the point where I need to see how much damage my tanks are taking, how much healing my healers are doing, and how much damage my DPS are doing. Not having these tools is (are?) making my life VERY, VERY difficult to troubleshoot operations.


12.28.2011 , 03:10 PM | #2
So what encounter are having problems with in EV?

You are stating generic issues that pertain to no particular fight.

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12.28.2011 , 03:55 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by FACEONGLASS View Post
So what encounter are having problems with in EV?

You are stating generic issues that pertain to no particular fight.
I think he's actually refering to the turrets before the first boss, but im not entirely sure either.
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