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SWTOR subscriptions up 33% July-September

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SWTOR subscriptions up 33% July-September

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10.30.2015 , 12:37 AM | #51
I believe this to be a very good sign, first of all that SWTOR is mentioned in their press release, even before Battlefield and NFL, and second that the subscription numbers went up this much. And I think this will silence the remaining complaints about the lack of new endgame content - an additional raid or two would not have brought back 33% of additional players.

To put some things in perspective, we know that there have been around 1 million monthly active players in the past, so we can assume the number of subscribers to be around 200k-400k since I don't think there are many subscribers who don't login every month. Assuming everyone bought a 3-month subscription, those 33% of new subscribers create a profit of $3-6 million - of course only peanuts when it comes to EA. And don't forget the Blur trailer. In the past, the estimate was $1 million per minute (could be higher because of inflation but maybe they got a discount as a returning customer or because they could reuse lightsaber models) so at 4 minutes, the trailer must have cost $4 million. Also, KotFE had way more press coverage than the previous expansions, which also cannot have been free. At the same time, we can suspect that Cartel Market sales are at a new low - why else would there be so many critical replies throughout when the developers ask for feedback? ([1], [2])

SWTOR doesn't need to make a huge profit; even though they outsource a lot of things, making more revenue doesn't equate to better game support. First of all, the money lands at EA, and whether it flows back to SWTOR remains to be seen. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy about this announcement and already told my guild about the good news. I also think that the number of subscribers will still increase - keep in mind that the timeframe is from June (when KotFE was announced) to September 30th - a lot of players didn't subscribe until October. But we also have to wait and see the numbers when the noise from long-running 6-months subscriptions and referral links has diminished, especially going into next year. Will players stay subbed throughout, will they return at all, will they wait until all chapters are out or stay subbed each month?

Looking back, I can see that KotFE was a good business decision, it brought back a lot of subscribers and it allowed the developers to rework core parts of the game, which means there is a lot to do at endgame, for both solo and group players, way more than in other MMOs like WoW, which will also put the game into a better place for the future. Focusing purely on raiding like WoW does would not have gotten them this amount of profit. I do want you to keep the real numbers in mind - since data is always manipulated and they always pick the largest-sounding numbers - but nevertheless I am very happy and look forward to the coming months.