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Letís Chat Ė Cartel Market and You: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs

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Letís Chat Ė Cartel Market and You: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs
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10.28.2015 , 09:23 AM | #1 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Hi everyone,

Iím Toby McCall, a designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic and a member of the Cartel Market Design Team. Iíve asked community to set up this thread so we can discuss the changes that the 4.0 expansion brings to the Cartel Market. My hope for this post is to create a place where we can answer some of your questions and clear up any confusion surrounding the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category Packs in Fallen Empire. We would like to focus this thread specifically around the new Armor, Mount, Decoration, and other Category packs (Crystals, Dyes, Weapons, etc), all of which have been packaged into Bronze, Silver, and Gold varieties. If you have thoughts on the new Underworld Alliance pack design, I invite you to join the discussion in a separate thread, found here.
  • How do the new Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packs feel? Do you feel they are worth their cost? What suggestions do you have?
  • What are your thoughts on the new Category packs? Do you enjoy opening them? If so, what do you enjoy most? If not, what do you like least?
  • Are you more or less likely to purchase packs from the Market and why?
  • Can you share any experiences or first impressions youíve had with the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Category packs?
As always, letís try to keep the posts constructive and on point. If you havenít had a chance to read the blog post about the 4.0 changes to the Cartel Market, you can find that here.

micnevv's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 09:42 AM | #2
Why are there armour sets that you can buy directly from the market in the boxes?

I feel less inclined to open these types of crates due to this.

Meloc's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 09:42 AM | #3
I have to say that I am not to hip on the idea of the new gold, silver, or bronze packs. This is mostly because I have not seen a range of gear that may be contained in it. With the cost (which I think is kinda high for a single set of gear that is random) of the Gold pack I really do not want to get a set of gear from the older packs. Just my thoughts on this matter.

hillerbees's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 09:49 AM | #4
I have played the game since launch and I have never bought a pack. This is because I don't know with any certainty what I will get. With this new system I am still no nearer knowing if I will end up with anything of worth (to me).

I spend my coins on unlocking gear sets, mounts etc. across my account and specific cartel items. I don't see any reason to change in light of what you are doing.

I would pay coins for old mounts etc that I have missed out on but only if there was some sort of bargain basement feature that let you select the specific item at a reasonable price.

Hope that was constructive enough for you.

Beltane's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 10:10 AM | #5
So far my only experience with the new gold crates is buying two gold decoration packs. I got one valuable item and one item that I felt was fairly lackluster, and worth drastically less than the first. Neither item were things that I wanted, but I did make a nice profit off selling the one, so overall I'm happy with my luck.

While I love buying hypercrates and normal cartel packs, I feel very wary about buying the gold packs because they are a lot more expensive. At least if I get junk in a normal pack I am out a lot less money.

I feel the packs are a good idea, but the cost holds me back. I almost wish they were all the price of the bronze one with a rare chance to get the more valuable items--kind of like a normal cartel pack.

Theeko's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 10:14 AM | #6
Yeah they shouldn't obtain those that you can buy directly like it was from the start imo

LadyAdmiral's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 10:19 AM | #7
Let's chat - will the dev team be releasing an official list of what is in each tiered pack? A text list would be fine!

I think there would be a lot more trust in the system if players could know which pack they should buy if they want a specific set, and I know I might be more inclined to buy a gold pack if I know what rare armor/mounts is in there.
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KharonKleoni's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 10:34 AM | #8
I did buy two of those Superpacks, and frankly, I was a bit disapointed not getting more than one decoration piece(I'm all about decorating nowdays, my gear is perfect imo), but many vehicles/mounts(one cool one, yay :/ ) and a few gear packs. I also wastes 800cc on a Gold Deco pack, getting one I did not need and sell at low prices on GTN.

Too high cost on Gold packs for me to buy more and I feel cheated with only two items a pack on the monthly packs, three would make me buy more of them.

Maybe put in one random Silver pack pr Superpack(5 packs + 1 Gold) and one Gold in Hypercrate ...

DOHboy's Avatar

10.28.2015 , 10:40 AM | #9
In general I really enjoy the CM packs and have often purchased more than what would be considered reasonable by normal people. But I enjoy it and don't really have a problem with the concept. I enjoy the game and willing to support it as I can as long as I get equal "value" in return.

The early packs were heavy on "filler" you got lots of stuff but little of the high demand rare items that people would want. You would often get a "rare/super-rare" that felt flat (5th copy of that belt you already have, or a third set of bracers) or even worse when it would end up being something like a credit boon or emote type item.

Glad you removed the things like rep items and xp boosts as well as reduced the number of filler items (low quality weapons etc).

However, I think the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction. Packs with only 2 items for their CC cost I think are a bit over priced, and think needs to be a "balance"

If 200-300CC is the target price for a pack, I would think about 3 items would be a nice compromise.

For example I would always include 3 items, one bronze, one silver, and one gold item. You would get a decoration/speeder, an armor/weapon, gift/emote/other.

Now the gold would be in either decoration/speeder/armor/weapon, and the other would automatically be silver/bronze level. The remaining item (gift/emote/other) would be of any quality (I don't think a gift should ever qualify as a "gold item" . If the other item ends up being something like a gold toy/regen item, I would hope the other two items are minimum sliver and bronze.

And I don't think something like a simple wall light should qualify as "gold" I am really not a fan of seeing of "gold items" selling for pittance either because of demand, or that they are not really as rare as they were meant to be.

If something is going to be defined as "gold" it should be reflective of that value and either actually be rare, or hope that it will actually be something people want (understand not always easy to predict peoples desires).

If you are going to keep just 2 items in a pack, suggest making the "filler gear" sold as one item rather than the upper/lower/supp. Nothing is more aggravating that buying a hypercrate and having 3 different boxed sets and getting 5 uppers of 1, 5 lowers of another, and MAYBE collecting a single set.

I dont mind rare items being rare and fully understand random generation. Just think that when you offer only 2 items collecting any set of items becomes very very tedious.

in summary.
each pack has 3 items, a gold, silver, and a bronze.
each pack will also have 3 types of items, decoration/mount, armor/weapon, other.
boxed set items should be condensed to either have fewer boxes (upper = head, chest, gloves, bracers, lower = boots, belt, pants). or get the entire set as one item.

I really enjoyed the extra "gold/super rare" item that was added to the hypercrates, think that was a great addition and would have liked it to continue.
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10.28.2015 , 10:44 AM | #10
Only ones I would be interested in are the strongholds ones but I am also not sure I would buy many as I honesty like knowing what I am getting and it would be something that I would use.

Same as for armor. There are a lot of armor that don't fit my style (revealing or some of the ones that look like airplanes sticking out of your shoulders or the ones that you made that actually swallow your character)
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