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Darkside and Lightside Philosophy

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Darkside and Lightside Philosophy

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12.28.2011 , 11:21 AM | #1
This is a thread that will take away from the threads of immediate results and requests, and instead look at the more self and character developing side of this universe that Bioware has created...

To start us off...there will be a bit of roleplay for those who are interested...

You are a padawan living within a small enclave, no more than 10 galactic standard years to your life in this universe in which you inhabit. Your life has been one of stoic contemplation and trial in understanding and following the force. The Jedi teachings have been engrained within you by your master since you could hold a training pike.

Among you are others who have had similar lives within this enclave. All of them around your age, all serving the same master whom has kept your training rigorous and disciplined. Your knowledge in the force as a collective has grown to the point where very soon the first among you will become Knights of your order.

On that faithful day, your master has tasked you all with independent study and meditation until such time as he returns to decide whom deserves the title of Knight. Upon his absence you have a strange vision of darkness and destruction descending upon your enclave.

With the chaotic image burned into your mind, you leave your post of meditation to seek guidance and counsel from your master. Through the force and the link it has formed between you and your master, you detect him, though he is masking his presence.

You navigate the enclave swiftly to find him outside in the docking bay of the structure, speaking to a black robed figure that seems to echo sensations of suffering and deceit.

They are speaking in hushed but calm voices. As you approach, the black robed form lifts it's head as the humm of a saber igniting as well as the red glow outlines his features. He is a zabrak, and it seems furious.

Your master, on the other hand, turns calmly to you without drawing his weapon, and tells you to go back to your meditation, and forget what you saw.

How do you react?

Depending on how posters answer to the above roleplay, i'll shape a few points in this thread to outline the principles i'm trying to touch down upon.

For now, we should address some specific areas.

How does a dichotomy such as the one presented in Bioware's universe help you to structure your responses in these situations?

Do the organizations in The Old Republic that are bound to the force or Dark/Light actions exemplify those teachings and how well is their example?

Are the teachings of either the Sith or Jedi in this instance of the Star Wars universe conductive to your character's development in the Star Wars universe?

Are the actions that your character makes correctly assigned to dark/light choices respectively? Should there be more/less variation or choices in terms of the variety of paths your character can take to overcome an obstacle?

As a neutral or grey character, how do you feel about roleplaying or participating in the history of this universe with the choices that you've been given or the actions you can take and their respective alignments?

(Answering any of these questions, even without the main roleplay question would probably be conductive to community views on morality or otherwise. Just for a quickie i'll add a poll at the top so that we can have even those uninterested share their opinions. Oh, wait a minute...there's no poll i just feel silly. I'd better fill up this last sentence with something smart and witty so nobody will notice....umm...cats have fur...yeah...)

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12.28.2011 , 12:44 PM | #2
Return to the enclave, and consult any other Master, warning them both about the vision and the conversation.
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