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To interfere or not (KOFTE spoiler inside)

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To interfere or not (KOFTE spoiler inside)

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10.21.2015 , 07:47 PM | #1
Earlier today I saw sat on Imperial Fleet spamming clicking companion gifts to one of the new companions Senya... And I saw another player doing the same with HK-55. The player was only lvl 61 so I assume (I could be wrong) that he hasn't actually finished the nine chapters, as the xp is enough to surpass lvl 65..... For those who completed chapter 8, you'll know HK-55 this point we don't even know if can he return as Lana tells you that HK-55 never backed up his memory core.

Whilst I saw sat at imperial fleet I was there for a good 15 minutes and that other player stay even after I left, I assume still gifting his HK-55. I did message him asking if he minded spoilers, but he never replied, message probably got lost under all of HK-55 spam...

Anyway as far as I saw it is when that player gets to chapter 8, he's gonna be more than a little annoyed! I know I would be if I was in his shoes, According to rumor some players have easily spent a couple of million just increase their companion rank to 50!!! I can only assume that was what that player was aspiring to do... If he did and has completed chapter 8, I can easily see him or indeed her rage quiting!!!

As the player did not reply to my message there was not much I could do without giving away potential spoilers, otherwise I would have warned him not to spend so much on HK-55

In a way I hope for Bioware's sake there is a way to bring back HK-55 cause I'm sure there are going to be a lot of players very angry by the time they reach the end of chapter 8 if many have chosen to do the same thing as this player on imperial fleet did. Of all the new companions, HK-55 was the star of the show quite easily due to the amount of humor involved with his character