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The Light in the Darkness

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12.28.2011 , 08:37 AM | #1
It's just so intriguing, playing a light-sided SW. This is a little fan-fic I made. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty good.
Standing a midst a ravaged town, the Imperial army rounds up surviving civilians and their defeated Republic protectors. Thrown down at the feet of the leader of the army, a menacing Sith Warrior, beside his Sith Inquisitor partner. With a look of contempt and anger, the menacing Sith Warrior raised his ignited lightsaber high, and with a sinister smirk, dropped his blade upon the battered civilian.

When out of nowhere, a red blade severed the hands holding the civilian's doom, as another red blade severed the warrior's head. Springing from the shadows, Koga Bloodsight leaps over the pieces of the fallen warrior, and launching one of his blades into the air at the Inquisitor. Intercepting a lightning strike with his remaining lightsaber, Bloodsight presses his advance, as he holds the focus of his Sith aggressor, doing his best to keep his attention from the impending blade flying back at him from the other side. With a quick, sly grin, Bloodsight diverted the lightning, spinning away as he brings his blade around to meet the right arm, just as his other blade comes in to meet his left arm.

In a flash, the Inquisitor was disarmed, defeated, and then decapitated. Standing victorious, Bloodsight looked around at the shocked Imperial troops and officers, as well as the stunned Republic forces and civilians. Another figure stepped from the shadows to join Bloodsight, a Sith Pureblood sorcerer. They greeted as old friends, and shared a laugh. Though not a maniacal laugh, as the Republic would expect, but one that would be heard between friends at a bar.

The captain of the Imperial forces approached Bloodsight, and choking back a lump of awe and fear, pledged himself and his forces to Bloodsight. With a calming smile, making the captain both at ease, yet even more nervous, Bloodsight accepted.

"No innocents will be harmed on my watch. Imperial OR Republic."

"B-but my Lord...we have orders to take this city, f-for the Empire..."

Bloodsight finds a high ledge from which to survey the damage. Buildings virtually in ruin, streets torn and coated by debris and the blood and bodies of slain defenders and civilians willing to fight. Tongues were held, by both sides, as they all looked to Bloodsight to see what he would do. A moment of mixed emotions, as he closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he tempered himself, becoming calm.

"Look around you all, and tell me, that this day does not belong to the Empire. We have taken this city, defeated it's protectors, for the Empire. We, have, won."

Looking down at the captain, his troops, the bloodied man, the surrendered defenders and civilians. And in a voice both commanding and calm, he spoke.

"It's done. No more blood need be shed, no more lives need be taken. Those who don't wish to join us, will be gathered on a carrier, and returned to their people. This is our city now, live here in peace, or go home to the Republic."

"Ah, but my old apprentice, remember the code: peace is a lie."

Both Bloodsight and his old friend, and former master, Val'damar, shared a hardy laugh.

"No, my old master. There is peace, in order. This city is under MY order. And in MY order, there is justice, honor, and respect."

"What your saying, what your doing here, showing mercy, letting Republics live, letting Republics's not the way of the Empire."

Bloodsight leaped down to land softly before the humbled Jedi. He met the Jedi gaze for gaze, letting him sense his emotions, and sensing his own in return. To the Jedi's astonishment, there was no hate, no anger, no malice at all. Yet the man before him was unquestionably Sith. He wondered how could this be.

"It MY...empire, Jedi."

Though it was said in a low, nearly quiet tone, everyone there felt every word, all the way to their bones. He smiled pleasantly at the Jedi, partly to ease tensions, partly out of the joy of how controversial his words and actions have been to virtually everyone, save Val'damar.

"Having fun are we, my dear friend?"

"Always, my brother."

Making his way to his friend, Bloodsight began to feel a disturbance in the Force. Cracking his neck, his fingers, and his shoulders and back, he calmed himself once more, and again made a startling command, as he chuckled.

"Captain, we're about to have company. I feel darkness coming, and they are not happy. Get ready."


"And any Republics that wish to live past this day, Captain, get them ready as well."

"YES.......sir? You...want us to re-arm and restore the Republic forces...we just beat? W-why would they help US???"

Bloodsight glanced back at the Jedi he spoke with, and grinned.

"Because, at the moment, we have a mutual understanding, and a mutual enemy. Besides, we're showing mercy, THEY won't. And with the state we all are in, we stand a better chance with a united front."

Turning his attention to all the captive Republics, he raised an ignited blade, and called out.

"If you wish for the chance to survive, stand with us. Fight, and you may yet live tomorrow. The Empire as it is will stop at nothing, NOTHING, to dominate the Republic. They will destroy everything, and kill everyone that doesn't join them, and maybe even kill them afterwards. If you fight with me, those who wish to return to the Republic will be so, safely, I swear."

The Imperial troops that had their guns trained on the captives raise they weapons from them. The Jedi Bloodsight spoke to slowly got to his feet, dusted himself off, and spoke.

"For the Jedi, for the Republic, and for the people of this city, I'll fight with you."

He was joined by two other Jedi, pledging to fight. A few rugged troopers work to gather their gear, and stood at attention. The commander spoke up.

"As members of the Republic military, what we have left, all we have left, we'll use to defend these people."

Putting out a cigar on the ground, and readying her blasters, a smuggler speaks up.

"Me and my friends got your back, sugar. Just don't let them NEAR my ship, I'm still makin' repairs."

Bloodsight chuckled, and looked to his old friend and mentor, Val'damar. They nodded at each other, and readied their lightsabers. The time has come, as Imperial and Republic forces fight to protect the ravaged city, and civilians, against a merciless Sith assault.