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we require better storyline

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we require better storyline

Noyjitat's Avatar

07.20.2015 , 12:39 PM | #21
Liked the story rise of the hutt cartel and shadow of revan but I was disappointed that they didn't continue the class stories (not counting that really short mission on Rishi) and while I don't pretend to know exactly how thats going to be in the next expansion (it also won't have separate class stories) I hope it has more of a unique story that is some how affected by your characters class.

I think not continuing class stories is a big mistake and hope they do someday make more of them. That's the fun in playing alts is the completely different story every class had. I'd pay for class expansion stories if anything.

Eanelinea's Avatar

07.20.2015 , 01:27 PM | #22
My first run through of Imp and Pub Makeb wasn't the 8th time I wanted to blow Makeb up with everyone still there, it was that boring. Shadow of Revan with Rishi and Yavin wasn't too bad. I was able to do it on 22 toons, so it was at least SOMEWHAT more interesting. Mostly having Theron and Lana made it tolerable.

Ziost was okay, just too short for me and I have a ton more people to run through it.
Bioware, please remember our companion spouses when doing new expansions. I want scenes, letters, or something from them, saying they're worried!

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