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Security key broken

TheRampage's Avatar

07.05.2015 , 12:19 PM | #1
So, my phone somehow deleted bunch of my apps, including SWTOR SK.

I redownloaded it, an now it asks me to activate it again. Problem is - it is asking for some 7 digit number, while swtor page gives me some long combination of letters and numbers as serial number (like 16 digit long) to put into my SK app on phone.

There is no 7 digit number on site. Where do I get that number then?
Raph‚el - Not Good Enough

TheRampage's Avatar

07.06.2015 , 04:06 AM | #2

Still can't get 7digit number, only 16digit combination which I can't enter anywhere. Still says not activated...
Raph‚el - Not Good Enough

OwenBrooks's Avatar

07.06.2015 , 04:28 AM | #3
Are you using the latest app dated Jun 15 ?

Edit - Android try -

Magdalane's Avatar

07.06.2015 , 12:20 PM | #4
I had this happen when I switched phones. You'll need to go to the account recovery section and request a one time code to access your account, take the old security key off, then reapply it.
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