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Healing is fun

ZWeiker's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 10:31 PM | #1
Am I the only one who thinks healing is awesome? I've mostly just seen complaints about the state of healing, but I think its a blast. I play a scoundrel, level 30 atm, and I'm usually the only healer on the team. Sure, its impossible to keep everyone alive in a team fight, but part of the fun is deciding who is most valuable to keep up in order to capture the objective. If someone is going to protect me while I heal, they become my priority target. It's no use dumping heals into players who either don't pump out enough damage to make your heals worth it, or they just play recklessly with no regard for the amount of damage they take. Yeah the raid frame bug sucks, but its not too tough to play around it imo. It just requires a bit more awareness. Those of you who think healing is awesome, what are your thoughts?