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PvP fun?

paratroopc's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 10:07 PM | #1
I think so. I've seen alot of complaining on the forums. Back to work after a week of vacation so I get to read the forums again :/

Anyways there are a couple of problems with the PvP in the game. Not game breakers in my opinion but a couple. I'm not going to list them as that has been done repeatedly here.

However SWTOR does bring out some really great things imo. Being able to compete for one. As a level 10 you can enter and expect to at least not get steam rolled. I'll grant you that it is much easier at higher levels (28 now) with your skill tree(s) filled out and some better gear.

Minus getting stuck behind a shield waiting for it to go down the battles are quite intense. If you only have about 20-30 minutes to play you can que up for a warzone and run one or two and at least get a Star Wars fix until you can get back to questing to level up so that you can cause even more havoc!

As the game is still quite new I look forward to seeing where BioWare takes PvP in the future. Just stay away from the nerf bat! While some classes can easily take others down it just makes you as a player figure out who and when to take on an opponent. There is some thinking and planning involved in how to do things as opposed to just running in and the biggest zerg wins.

Just my opinion but I'm pretty stoked about PvP in this game so far! Admittedly I've only done the warzones but I'm also looking forward to seeing what open world has to offer when I get to Ilum.
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