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Warzones, broken as hell?

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Warzones, broken as hell?

ForceWelder's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 07:55 PM | #1
After playing a dozen rounds today with only one victory I can't say I enjoyed myself at all today.

There are several reasons for this.

1. Premades are moping the floor with the pugs. They have the max level members, they have the communication coordination, and they have the gear and experience on their side. Normally I don't have a problem with premades. They do their thing, the match ends, and you part ways. But after the xp nerf with the latest patch, I am starting to have a problem with the premades. Half the issue is that the random team generator always seems to put one premade side together and face it off with a pug group made up of lowbies. In almost every match I played today I was the highest level team member on my team (I was level 42 in the matches). Everyone else was teens, 20s, or 30s. Only twice did I play a match with a player who was levle 50. And each time we got slaughtered. In every match I played and I do mean EVERY match I faced a premade of 4 players with at least 2 if not more of those members being level 50.

The fix for this is to put level caps on the games. Let the lowbies play against themselves and get a fair chance at earning xp and not be the proverbial lambs to the slaughter against the max level premade groups. Let the premades face off with other premades and stop getting the easy kills. Lets start making them earn them instead.

2. Voidstar is still broke as hell. In one match I spent 20 seconds behind the barrier and a second time I spent 23 seconds behind the barrier. And this problem always only seems to affect one team or the other never both. I also seen a report that stealthers can now put bombs down while stealthed. If that is indeed true that makes voidstar the worse bugged PVP event I have ever seen. Thank god it pops seldom.

The fix for this is to take Voidstar offline until the bugs have been worked out. If you are going to penalize players for losing a match, at least let it be because of player performance and not something out of their control like defective barrier controls or super ninja stealthers.

3. Desertions are given way to quickly. In one of the slaughter fests I played in today, I started to type a two sentence response in OPS chat. By the time I finished typing the resposne I was kicked from the event and put in deserter status. I didn't even get a warning. If I am in a pug group, how else am I suppose to communicate with my team members? Jedi mind trick?

4. The XP nerf is killing team morale. Once a team began to lose, teammates would begin to flee the event. This meant mroe pug members on the losing team which all but guarantees a decisive victory for the opposing team. Why do they leave? Because the xp isn't worth their time to stay. Better to spend the time questing than staying in a pvp match that will yield you half the xp you would have gotten before the last nerf.

The fix for this is to reverse direction on this. Give the xp back. I don't mind staying and losing but it get real hard to do that knowing I won't get squat for staying. In the one game my team won today I got over 20k xp. In the other 11 games my team lost I got between 10k - 13k xp. I could get more xp than that doing quests and killing mobs in the time it would take to run one warzone match and lose it. With the way this is designed now, people will start to ask why to pvp in warzones at all.
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belthazaar's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 08:21 PM | #2
i agree with alot of this... especially the part about Voidstar.... they need to find a way to fix that... 90% of the games you lose in voidstar are due to spawning issues or the fact that it takes one baby punch to stop you from disarming the bomb

so far in Voidstar i have yet to see a bomb disarmed. The whole 25 second respawn thing works fairly well in Huttball, but lets face it, when you have a bomb that goes off in 20 seconds and your dead for that whole duration if not longer, it kinda makes it hard to stop that. Considering that even the slightest touch will stop you from disarming the bombs it makes it near impossable to do. Ive tried everything I can think of to get the job done. Sneaking, Killing then disarming, bumb rushing it, etc. not to mention the bomb timer is 20 seconds and it takes 8 seconds to disarm it.... thats almost half the time to disarm it, meaning unless your there in under 10 seconds you cant disarm it.

The Wz's need some sort of bracketed system. I know Bioware wants people to be able to just jump in and play the game with friends from the start but WZ's are realy painful to grind. Im lvl 50 and trying to get gear and in order to get even one piece of gear I have to get lucky farming around 10 games just to get one bag that gives me 3 commendations. In order to get my first piece i need around 20 commendations..... you do the math.

Not saying I dont like the game , but damn warzones need alot of work!!

Bloodtau's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 08:41 PM | #3

SuperCarpet's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:27 PM | #4
1. Your main argument here is that you find it unfair that organized teams beat disorganized teams? That statement is among the most ridiculous I've seen. Even if there were level 50 brackets, a premade 50-only group will steamroll a non-premade one.
Level here is not an issue. I group up with 4 of my friends. None of us are above level 30. Working as a team, even if it's just 2-3 buddies, helps. Try it out sometime.

A skilled level 15 can kill a bad level 50. A good 50 will almost always win, but it's not hopeless. A good player will dominate regardless of his level. Quit complaining that you die because they're higher level than you. Most of the time, it's your lack of skill that gets the best of you. And I'm not targeting you specifically here, OP, I speak for myself, too. Many a time I've found myself against a 40-50, and died because of mistakes on my part. Yes, it's not 100% fair, but I rather enjoy the lightning-fast warzone queues we get.

Brackets will come eventually, because there are not enough 40-50's to get decently filled warzone groups. But it will come. As for matching up premades vs. premades... that is subject to debate. I see pros and cons.

2. You don't seem to understand the voidstar. Only the defending team needs to wait for respawn time behind the barrier. While I agree with the barrier respawn being FAR too long, it's not game-breaking. You play both defense and offense in a game.
Stealthers cannot place bombs on the doors while stealthed. I play a scoundrel myself, and activating anything breaks stealth. What happens 90% of the time when I ninja-bomb doors, is that people are just distracted or aren't paying attention to a stealthed class popping out of stealth while placing the bomb. It has happened to me multiple times when I was caught off-guard, and an IO managed to sneak past me, and place a bomb while I was focusing on the action. It is frustrating to know someone snuck past you, but it happens. Just gotta be careful.

For those thinking you've never seen a bomb disarmed, you clearly have not been playing much PvP. I disarm it often.

3. I've personally never gotten deserter status, so I'm not informed enough to give proper criticism, here. However, I've never had issues communicating with my team. What does happen though, is that nobody listens, which is to be expected with PUG's. This is why grouping up with friends is important.

4. While I agree that the XP nerf isn't the best move, but for me, PvP is a lot of fun, and really rewards winning much more than before. I do think that nerfing the xp makes pugs quit warzones more, though. So this is one point I agree with you about.

However, it won't stop me from playing. Questing always HAS been the fastest way to level up, pvp has been more for the joy of playing with friends.

Resinball's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:52 PM | #5
im going to have to agree with OP here. the XP nerf hardly makes it worth getting into warzones and without having a premade group and only being level 30 when i see a 50 in the game its just like well fml... they have max talent points and access to better gear that improves the damage. you can go on and say oh well gear doesnt matter they boost your stats im going to have to say your wrong. the damage reduction, the aditional talents, the better % ratings from higher level gear all says otherwise. the warzones need the XP back where it was and needs to be level separated.