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[KEY 1] Adding excitement, fun with the mob

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[KEY 1] Adding excitement, fun with the mob

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12.27.2011 , 09:39 PM | #1
To bring the game world to life and adding something beyond the current static setup we need something more. This is done with adding, randomly spawned mobs.

Now we have already a game world with setup static mob spawn points. To add in more mobs we can do this now with adding "lesser mobs", "trash" and special enemies to roam the area.

Howto add more excitement with spawn points?

Take the map add spawnpoints.
Let mobs spawn randomly on these special locations.
Give the extra mobs special scripts to walk the Zone.

These extra entities do not have to be considered "real" mobs, instead they should be beatable with 1 or 2 hits. And from time to time an extra big mob with extra loot!

This new encounter can consist of just one or even 10-20 mobs at a time. To make this more realistic, mobs should have error collision enabled and have only low damage and HP. Basically this is just trash mobs, which jump into the adventure path to make some unexpected melee from time to time.

It is this kind of events which make a gameplay experience fun in the long and short term.

The Frontend
Now once we have implemented this new "dynamic content", the player faces an entirely new game dimension. The unpredictable attack from roaming mobs. Bases now too have become real bases since there is the only place where the player can consider himself safe. Ofc to make this work, base guards should be able to shoot approaching enemies.

This does not have to be everywhere and constantly. Think of it as an extra event which happens only in certain locations (dangerous places), and depending on the area threat level.

This can be done rather quick and simple and is not to be expected to disturb the current game world mechanics. Instead we now really create a game world where places like Taris wake up and become more dangerous.

Also once we have day and night cycles we can trigger certain encounter for the night and day hours.

If you implement this i can be of great help and im currently looking for a job as a game designer.


Ommm's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 01:15 AM | #2
I like the idea, but it might be to dangerous in the eyes of ppl coming in here, who wanna get their hand being hold on all things.
Think of the mark you gonna leave on this ppls, they wont pay you for trolling them via your game (to put it to an extreme) and in the end you need their money to survive. Horrible story, but i believe it might be true in this case. Atleast it is what i hear.

Tho i also want to say dont give up. Games surely could use more ppl like you.

Personally i tend to prefer games, where you actually have a certain sense of danger
and diffrent variety of mobs.

Just anything that feels less static really.

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12.28.2011 , 01:49 AM | #3
It would become tedious.
Regardless, I have my VIP room to smack my wookies in and snort death sticks off a droids rear-access hatch.
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We're going to close this thread, since it is aimed at the community and not about the game.