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MVP Voting, how do you do it?

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MVP Voting, how do you do it?

Finis's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 07:02 PM | #1
How do you guys cast your vote for MVP? Top Heals? Top Kills? Top Damage? Vote sharing with friends?

In my experience, it almost always goes to the person with the biggest number after either damage or healing.

As tank spec'd jugernaught, I nearly always have Top Protection (esspecially on Alderaan, where I can sit on a spot with a single healer and hold it all day) but I never get votes. That's fine, people don't see the value in 80k protection vs 120k healing. (Or the idea that my 80k protection let the healer get 80k of that healing by staying on his/her feet longer.)

So what do you guys vote for? Medals, Kills, Healing? Damage?

/sarcasm_on, Of course, everyone carefully watches for the guy leading the charge, taking objectives and leading the troops and votes for him. Obviously. But besides that, what do you vote for? /sarcasm_off
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yeielskedei's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 07:08 PM | #2
I see where u are coming from,

I am a DPS specced Jugg but still use Taunt and Guard (gives marks afterall, eh? ;-) ) so I often end up rounds within the top 3 dd's whilst having up to 40k absorb and the most medals. Yet I have never ever in my 100 games or so gotten the MVP vote, even though I have also topped damage and absorb in the same BG's sometimes.

Maybe they just don't like my name, dunno

My feeling is, that it is mostly at random, I find myself very often in the situation after the BG ends that in those 15 seconds I have to stay I am way more interested in analyzing my data instead of the others, sometimes I check who healer and or absorbed the most but very often I just click a bad player because I wanna be done with it. So maybe there are just a lot of people doing the same.

Anyway a strange and in my eyes intentionwise good idea but in reality realy frustrating tool.