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mass exodus on pvp servers after free month

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mass exodus on pvp servers after free month

Drunkwolf's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 06:53 PM | #1
Just my opinion but i can see it happening.

the reason why.

first off open world pvp is worthless, so that sends us to " warzones " only 3 maps in warzones and NO level brackets.

so now we have only 3 maps to play and if your on empire you play huttball 80% of the time and most games now you are faceing groups of level 50s with level 50 pvp gear.

how much fun is that for everybody who isnt 50 and isnt in all that gear? not very much fun at all.

so your other option is to go pve your way up to 50 on a pvp server with no world pvp heppning anywhere.

then go grind huttball for hours and hours and hours to get warzone tokens to get gear. and once you have this gear, do u know what you do next? You guessed it!!! more HUTTBALL!!!! but now in your fancy pvp gear.

look i know this was meant to be a pve game but come on anybody with half a brain could of come up with better stuff for PVP in Swtor. who ever was in charge of this aspect of the game should seriously be fired.

my rant QQ l2p or what ever phrases internet nerds use is over.

Norr's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 06:55 PM | #2
World PvP needs some attention, but it's no worse than WoW and that's not exactly dead PvP wise is it?

My issue is warzone graphic performance and the need to tweak resolve a bit, that's all.

More SvS warzones would be nice too, but I can wait for those.
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