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PVP Currently and How to Improve

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PVP Currently and How to Improve

Dannicus's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 05:47 PM | #1
Beyond the obvious gameplay glitches Warzones are suffering from (FPS lag, ability lag, etc., and anything that's class specific) we need only these changes currently to bring PVP to a better balance in Warzones...
  • Tank AC's get their taunt, guard, and tanking "stance" at level 10
  • Sprint at level 10
  • Low levels to get an extra boost, as much as 30% more for sub-20's
  • Level 50s to bolster downwards and require at least one piece of dedicated PVP gear, with a PVP stat cap
  • Introduce a level 50 only bracket that's optional to queue for that removes aformentioned cap and bolster effects