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Tired of Qyzen Fess, next companion?

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Tired of Qyzen Fess, next companion?

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12.27.2011 , 04:07 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Llenyd View Post
There is a hidden, bonus companion you can get, but the rest are obtained through your main class storyline.
Which to my knowledge no one has gotten yet.

Don't think he's in game yet.
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12.27.2011 , 05:36 PM | #32
consulars/sorc get their companions the latest. fact is you have only qeyzen and theran until you finish act 1 and then balmorra which means while you have a companion and can deploy 3, you only have 2 to send out.

every other class has 4 companions including the ship droid at this point. it makes levelling up crafting for consulars annoying early on.

proper use of qeyzen:

groups of easy to handle mobs - start by picking one and manually activating his emp blast. qeyzen will run (lolwalk) in and start off with that aoe. then just take everything out. dont bother healing him - dismiss and resummon

hard elites - elites arent hard on their own. double elites turn off his aoe's (one always turns back on auto when he's resummoned, watch for this) and force lift one. voila! you can now handle a mob pack my vanguard with her decked out heal companion has no chance of dealing with

champions - champions are easier than double elite packs. actually the hardest packs are those with one elite and two strong or a pack of 3 strong. only certain champions have ridiculously hard hitting abilities and most can be interrupted. only one that you cant interrupt is the giant droi champoins missile barrage - it's a bugged ability that rarely gives yo a casting bar so you dont notice it with all of the explosions until it's already half killed you or qyzen

qyzen should have 4-5 pieces of moddable armor by 30, 40 at the latest. get off yoru butt and pvp it's easy to get a full set of level 40 moddable gear for yourself and him. if you dont take the time and invest in him, he will be a shoddy tank. keep him in a decent techblade and his damage doesnt suffer either.

you dont need theran. the companion heals are pathetic even at 50 fully geared out.
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