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Ode to the one not suck *** prof.

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Ode to the one not suck *** prof.

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12.27.2011 , 01:25 PM | #1
Deer biofail.
I know you made lots of profs suck ***.
Then people discovered slicing: 100 credits to send a comanion out for 200 credits for a 100 credit profit IF YOU WERE LUCKY.
It's *********** stupid to say oh look people get green augments and might (if lucky) make 100 credits in proffit.
Let me lay down some gametheory on your *** since apparently you flunked game design school:
x prof relies on suply and demand. You have 10 people-that want a new shiny. but they also want some credits. you lay out a certain number of profs for your brain i'll assume two profs.
One LOOSES money because they can gather or craft. The crafter says well people want new shinies: I have to get the materials-wow only one way to do that. Ok no problem. So they use one other slot to gather. They can either pay a NPC to gather at x credits with y likely hood of sucess. say 10 credits with a 75% chance of sucess.
Sounds reasonable?
Oh wait it'll cost in utility 30 credits because now people want another new shiny so they just lost 40 credits.
Then there's some passive way to net 20 credits.
And it's the only way to garunte a few spare credits. but it takes 5 minuts and is RNG as to if the nodes are even available. That persons utility might be 40 credits more for a 20 credit difference.
Instead of asking: how can we tune the crafters utility to make it atractive to encrouage 5 of those 10 people to craft while the other 5 or on suply.
You arogantly assumed that the gatherer should have a reduced utility.
This is poor design. Because now that gatherers utility might be 20 credits instead of 40 hurting the 5 people who gamble with even odds of having a node of x credits available for resonable proffit.
Did bioware mis something with design best practices that you ALWAYS buf the weak link when it comes to group dynamics. People will be more likely to want to gamble on the creating end for control rather than nerf the suplier whos at the wim of the crafters for profit and utility.

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12.27.2011 , 02:45 PM | #2
Hello everyone,

The recent changes to Slicing are a hot topic right now. We are closing this thread in order to keep this discussion organized. Please redirect your posts to the current thread on the Slicing changes. We appreciate your understanding, Thank You!