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New Discipline Calculator!

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03.04.2015 , 07:10 AM | #1
Welcome our brand new fast and useful Discipline Calculator


As some of you might have seen last week, we showed the design of our new Disciplines Calculator on /r/swtor. We released the Russian language version back in December and now we have finished the English version. Our team hopes you enjoy the tool and find it fast and useful. We apologise for any mistakes in the translation; we are not native English speakers.

If you find anything awry or want to submit any comments/feedback, please feel free to let us know. You can leave them here, or on our forum in the “Galactic Basic” Thread. You can post in that thread without needing to sign-up with an account so it is super easy too. You can find a link at the bottom right of the Calculator.

Our Disciplines Calculator supports embedding and if you click the “Сode” button it will generate an <iframe> link for you to use. This works for builds you have already configured allowing you to share builds within forum posts!

Again, we hope the Calculator is helpful and please check back as we are still working on its functionality and expanding what we can do with it. We will share what we are working on some other time however!

from Russia with love, team

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03.05.2015 , 08:03 AM | #2
Yesterday we announced our new Discipline Calculator. We have already got a bunch of suggestions regarding its expansion. So, we started working on a couple of them

/user/DarthCaius gave us an idea about implementing a fast "standard" build "button" for PvP or/and certain boss fights. This option will be useful for new and casual players, who want to enjoy the game without brainstorming their utilities configuration for a certain in-game activity, and for those, who are learning a new class. So, right now we would like to get ideas from experienced and skilled players regarding "standard" PvP builds for each Advanced Class and Discipline. And also we would like to see your opinion concerning certain boss fights "standard" builds — do you think it's a good option to have in the calculator or too much of an effort for nothing?

A problem shared is a problem halved.


P.S. Several bugs was fixed.

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03.13.2015 , 10:58 PM | #3
Updated for 3.1.1!

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03.29.2015 , 08:50 PM | #4
We promised we will continue the development of our Disciplines Calculator. We are happy to announce that we have expanded its functionality! In addition to making your own build, you can also find out everything about abilities available for your advanced class, general class and Legacy abilities! It was added more than 600 new tootips and entries!
We have worked hard over this new function and we do hope you will appreciate it! Moreover, we have just started a new project for this Calculator, dedicated to the new amazing function we are going to implement soon. This expansion will be extremely useful for guilds with their own websites. We will announce it later
Enjoy! team
P.S. As always, please report about any mistakes.

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04.08.2015 , 07:10 AM | #5
In the previous update we mentioned we had been working over implementing a new function in our Discipline Calculator. As promised, we are happy to announce the new feature— integration the working calc tool on any forums! Henceforth, any websites, especially guild websites, can install their own Disciplines Calculator based on our platform. All the information and settings will be processed by our website, including any updates from patchnotes. There is no need for your visitors and guild friends to go to any third party sites in order to use Disciplines Calculator. Moreover, it will be possible to use features such as “Build Link” and “Build Code”.
At the moment, the embedding function is available only for the Disciplines Calculator excluding the abilities list. We will add this feature a bit later because we need some more time to implement it. You won’t need to add any additional code in order to update the tool — the abilities list will just appear in your embedded Disciplines Calculator.
Also, we are not sure yet, but it might be possible to add the ability of changing colors of the Calculator in the future. We will work over it only after the main job is done.
We do hope you enjoy our new feature and find it useful for your websites and forums! team