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When to start hard modes/ops

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12.27.2011 , 09:56 AM | #1
Im currently wondering what a good time to start some of these hard modes might be. I see people talking about the content, about how easy/hard they are, the bugs, and all this other stuff that would be relevant if i was in hard modes. Problem is, havent seen a post yet that addresses an appropriate time to begin to work on some of this latter game content. My gear is ok. I have a few mod pieces that ive kept up to date, and a few crafted blues and purples, i ready? Is there a specific point, as a SW tank, that i need to reach before attempting this content. If there is already a post related to this, please excuse. Didn't see one after 7 pages so i figured i'd repost.
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12.27.2011 , 09:58 AM | #2
You can start them with basic leveling gear if you've kept up. My party started them about a day after hitting 50, with all of us in a combination of commendation gear and heroic group quest rewards.

The first instance you should do is Black Talon as it's quite easy. After that, The False Emperor is the next easiest. Battle of Ilum and Boarding Party are relatively easy, but they have one inordinately difficult boss each, so you may have difficulty completing them.

I don't know enough about The Foundry and Directive 7 to categorize their difficulty, but they're probably on the upper end of the spectrum.