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0-3 Ravager Runs today!!

GrimWulf's Avatar

03.09.2015 , 07:34 PM | #1
Was 0-3 in trying to run Ravagers today.

First group was 16man. Down firts boss easy then right as we got to 2nd boss 1 dps left. Filled that then was wiped,then 2 more DPS left....end of raid. The Tank in 192 gear won half the loot. 1 implant and both DPS Aim gear that my merc could have used.

The second run was 8man,never got off the gorund,never did find the last tank.

The 3rd run was just for Last Boss. Wiped twice and 1 dps left,then another dps left...filled those two spots and right as the last dps zoned in,the tank left. OVER!!!

Between trying to finish this and the DIVA Tanks,drives me nuts.

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03.10.2015 , 02:15 AM | #2
Congrats I suppose for getting 3 pug groups.

But isn't the bottom line that if you want some consistency on your raiding you need to be in an organised group ideally guild based.

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03.10.2015 , 02:28 AM | #3
Gotta find those "true" guilds though

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03.10.2015 , 03:39 AM | #4
1. roll a tank: in these ops they basically slack beside basic swaps and a few positioning( it might contain kiting). i always lock them like a breeze.

2. don't have fear to leave yourself: especially 16m, inspect all players, gear and achievments.

2b. for rav it's enough the achievment and 186 gear with some augments, but last bosses require decent healing so watch those too if you plan to finish. bulo is a good meter, if dps won't stay out of stupid there they won't even at torque. about torque, you probably will need consoles, try to body shiled the repair droid or whisper a dps to tunnel the shoot laser and dangerous fire adds. on cora be sure you have a fast guy on the consoles since in 16 dot ticks harder.

3. ToS. around reset, people are going to have achievments, but filthy gear, again inspect and try to imagine how much dps they're going to have if it's low like adds taking a suspicious amount of time or malaphar spawning more than 3 waves of adds you not going to do UL. SS require someone to carry the bombs effectively and i suggest you suggest to chain bomb unit 1 till 5% then burn 2 till 2-3% then do the last bomb and kill both.
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03.10.2015 , 05:27 AM | #5
This is the nature of pugs in every sense. You won't always be in the right group. Leave if you need to find a better group. Make sure you are friending the people who you are enjoying playing with. Invite those friends when you're online.

Be part of a solution, any solution. If you feel tied to a group remember that not always will you succeed with that group. In the end don't just complain. Someone told me that one bit once early on when I was complaining about not being able to find a good guild that I enjoyed, and I never forgot it. I've never had a bad day in this game since.