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Coratanni Hm Bug ?

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03.09.2015 , 01:31 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by EvilDrStrange View Post
That usually only happen if 1 of your stealther stealth out I think cause it happen a few times in our run but they pull the boss again and /stuck and it allows people to return back to starting area.

As for the double down I'm not quite sure about that. Took us 3 tries to kill Cora this week cause we had a fill in tank though he did quite well and didn't notice any increase on damage after the 1st 2 wipes.
we tried Cora again last night, went smooth for few tries. then we hit ruugar again, wiped at 50%. but this time we could have respawn inside. then one of our ppl goes to spawn point then baaaam! rest of ppl cant respawn. he /stuck and we all go out to rishi. come back and wipe again on cora (just attack her and /stuck to see if it works) but nope. we cant res inside. so we reset instance, kill all trash again, kill cora go to ruugar, and wipe there again. same thing happens.

before anyone points that out, we made our stealthers remove their stealth button off their toolbar, so no1 went invisible on any try at all. i recorded those tries if any1 or devs are interested to see it.

also cooling system button bugs sometime for some ppl. basicly you just cant click on console to spawn blue circles. i dont know if it related to anything or bug. but it messes up our click order, and it messes up whole fight if its more than 1 clicker gets it.
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