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Shadow of Revan : Prelude "Forge Alliance Part I"

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Shadow of Revan : Prelude "Forge Alliance Part I"

GoofySmiley's Avatar

03.05.2015 , 07:59 PM | #1
I picked up shadows of Revan and a subscription yesterday hoping to enjoy the new storyline. I have finished Makeb and went to the fleet to talk to the droid. Looking at videos the droid is supposed to display a holo of a sith for a chat, instead it vcuts me to the end of the conversation with no holo. Once that finishes I get a quest "complete "Forged Alliances:Part I" it gives me no indication of where to go, but after watching a youtube video I try to go to mission hanger into the door and it is red not letting me in. Is this a known bug or am i just a newb? I thought it might be that I am level 54, but readong forums some are saying they could at 53

Loc_n_lol's Avatar

03.06.2015 , 03:27 AM | #2
You need to be level 55. This will be fixed in next week's patch :

The Missions “Forged Alliances: Part I” and “Forged Alliances: Part II” are now available at the same level as “[Prelude] Shadow of Revan.” The progress on these missions has been reset.