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Looking for 50 sorcs to review PvP build idea

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Looking for 50 sorcs to review PvP build idea

Vorone's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 09:54 PM | #1

The idea behind this build is to use wrath to insta cast chain lightening and other lightening spells. I am only level 30 so I can't test this build out for myself and I don't know what I would be missing from the top tier talents. But from what I have experienced so far I think the AoE from Death field and chain lightening would be devastating in PvP.

I would appreciate it if someone with experience explain to me why this would or wouldn't be a good idea

Moshbeast's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 03:29 AM | #2
I actually dreamed up a similar build. I would however take that 1 point out of suppression and put it in polarity shift for a haste cooldown which is probably miles better than 7.5 seconds off a minute cooldown and 1 extra second lockout when lockouts in this game are spell based rather than school based.

Electric bindings is also very powerful when you are being trained by melee, thats just my preference though.