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Alderaan - 3 Node Victory Point Map

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Alderaan - 3 Node Victory Point Map

masterprtzl's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 12:44 AM | #1
I thought Bioware would have learned from WoWs Gilneas battle ground but 3 node victory point based maps just do not work. There is a major flaw in that its too easy to hold 2 since defending is so much easier than taking a point. Assuming both teams are equal (required in a hypothetical) the first fight can decide the game. Whoever gets the first 2 points will win assuming both sides are even, more so, if the teams are uneven you have the problem of its more likely that the team with the stronger (higher leveled) players takes the 2 points and then just sits on them.

Gilneas is hated in rated battle grounds for this exact reason in WoW. Its decided at the start of a match unless one team makes a HUGE mistake.