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balance in pvp arena?

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balance in pvp arena?

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12.26.2011 , 11:46 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by NomadLad View Post
Yeah only problem with that is that those lower level Empire PvPers are getting double XP, Creds, Commendations, etc. off of farming the Repub. PvPers backed by their force of OP'd level 50's. Thus, they get leveled sooner and so the Pop difference in high levels just keeps getting worse.

Not to mention the Repub players that get fed up with getting owned nearly every match and then start an Alt Char as an Empire for their PvP experience.

I started playing SWTOR PvP heavily on Thurs., Dec. 22nd, as I was to busy enjoying my Char Story Line Quests prior to that. I can count the number of Wins the Repub side had on ONE hand, and I'd say I've played about 30 Warzone matches. And most of the Wins we did get was by the Skin of our teeth, with only 2 shutouts (both low scoring though) in Huttball for the Repubs.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the Wins for the Empire were nearly always shutouts, if not a shutout, then certainly the outcome was never really in question for their team in nearly all of their Wins.

The point is that if balancing doesn't happen within at least a month, then the Repubs are going to have a horrible time keeping PvPers.

I know, I know, You still get a decent amount of XP, Creds and Commendations even in a loss but the matches are SO LOPSIDED, that even the best scoring player on the Repub team barely matches or passes the LOWEST player on the Empire team. SO when players start seeing all that XP, Creds. etc. going to the opposite team... like the saying goes; "if you can't beatem then...."
So true, and it goes deeper than that. A sith can quest in almost total safety through the contested zones while my guild has given up leveling by questing. So this means even more level 50 sith than Republic making it even more uneven (not to mention all that free gear from all those wins). I say make the wankers play huttball til they puke. Rated pvp will come soon enough, and although it will take us longer to get to 50 once we do the sith will STILL be screwed by being overpopulated. Gives me warm fuzzies to think about it. We got our cross to bear and so do they.